Denver Dispensary Shares Tips for Using Cannabis as a Sleep Aid

January 2, 2020

Denver Dispensary Shares Tips for Using Cannabis as a Sleep Aid
Sleep is one thing most people never seem to get enough of. In fact, more than 50 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder. And if you struggle to fall asleep at night, you’re willing to try just about anything to help you keep your eyes closed and wake up rested. Believe it or not, cannabis from Denver marijuana dispensaries can help. But you need to know what you’re doing in order to get the most out of your herb. Here are a few tips to help.

Different Strains Will Affect You in Different Ways
You’ll need to be prepared to experiment in order to find the perfect match for your sleepless nights. For most people, an Indica-dominant strain will work best. Remember, Sativa has the tendency to stimulate your creativity and can make your over-active mind even more active. But everyone is different. Pick up a few strains and give them a try. Once you know what works for you, you’ll be able to stick with it. 

More Isn’t Always Better
When you’ve been struggling with sleep for weeks at a time, it’s tempting to smoke a bowl or three before you call it a night. But overdoing it won’t help you sleep better or fall asleep more quickly. Instead, it can actually hurt the quality of your sleep and even keep you from falling asleep at all. Try to use the minimum amount of cannabis you need to feel high. If this means a single hit, keep it at that. If you’re a regular smoker and it takes a whole bowl, don’t use more than that. 

A Nightly Wind-Down Routine Can Still Help
Make your nightly cannabis consumption part of a nightly routine geared towards helping you relax. Make a cup of chamomile tea, take a warm bath, and turn your phone and television off an hour before you go to bed. Give your brain a chance to wind down and let the cannabis take effect when you’re already feeling more relaxed. This will get easier with time. 

Don’t Mix Medicines
If you’re already taking a prescription sleep aid, hold off on adding cannabis to the mix. Discuss the idea with your doctor. And if your doctor isn’t receptive to marijuana use, find one who is and ask their advice. The last thing you want to do is open yourself to potential drug interactions. The same holds true for alcohol. If you’re using cannabis to help you sleep, don’t fix that hot toddy before bed. Stick to the cannabis and see what happens. And remember, it can take time. Don’t give up if the cannabis doesn’t make an impact immediately. 

Not getting enough sleep can ruin your day, your focus, and your productivity. But you don’t have to settle for sleepless nights. See if cannabis helps you get your sleep schedule back on track. Stop by today and pick up a few great strains to try for yourself. And be sure to sign up for our loyalty rewards program for added savings, specials, and discounts!

Using CBD Topicals from Weed Shops in Denver: What You Need to Know for Muscle Recovery

December 26, 2019

Using CBD Topicals from Weed Shops in Denver: What You Need to Know for Muscle Recovery
As an athlete, you know that the sooner you can recover from your workout, the better. Nothing is worse than facing muscle strain and injuries and prevention is truly the best medicine. While stretching is a great way to stay loose both before and after workouts, it’s not always enough. Sometimes, you just need a little more help and CBD topicals from Denver dispensaries may be the best option. Here’s what you need to know before you start rubbing those salves, lotions, and oils in.  

Pick the Right Products
Hemp-based CBD products are available almost anywhere. You find them in grocery stores, pharmacies, and even big-box retailers. But that doesn’t mean they’re high-quality. Instead of picking up the first CBD product you find, head to your local dispensary. The CBD products available at dispensaries can be either hemp-derived or cannabis-derived. And if they’re from cannabis, they’re full spectrum and will likely give you a better result every time. 

Apply Directly to the Muscles
You don’t need to dilute your CBD topicals. In fact, doing so can lessen their impact. Instead, apply the topicals directly to your muscles. Just make sure you rub it in thoroughly. Use it as a chance to massage those muscles and improve the blood flow to the parts of your body that you worked out the hardest. Start with gentle pressure and use circular motions to work the topicals into your skin. Then, let it soak in and dry. You can always reapply as needed. 

They Won’t Get You High
CBD topicals and lotions, even many of those purchased at a dispensary, won’t get you high. Just make sure you choose a product that doesn’t contain THC. This means you’re free to use the topicals before work, school, or social engagements without worrying about them altering your mental state. And since you can’t get high, you’re free to use as much of the topical as you see fit. 

Don’t Overdo It
Yes, you can use as much as you feel appropriate. But more isn’t always better. Instead, use the smallest amount of topical necessary to cover your skin. If you still don’t feel a difference, you can always apply more. But you don’t want to waste your lotion, oils, or salves. If you do, you’ll just have to buy replacements more often. Remember, using more doesn’t mean you’ll get more of an effect. It just means you’re using more product at any given time. 

Final Thoughts
CBD topicals are a great way to help you speed up your post-workout recovery and reduce soreness in your muscles. But you still need to purchase quality CBD products to see any improvement. The products sold at local dispensaries are held to Colorado cannabis standards. This means they’re produced in a clean and controlled environment and dosages will be consistent from batch to batch. Stop by Altitude today and pick up a new lotion or salve to try for yourself. And if you’re not sure what to choose, we’ll help you find the right product. 

How to Choose a Great Vape Pen at Your Denver Dispensary

December 18, 2019

How to Choose a Great Vape Pen at Your Denver Dispensary
The world of smoking is changing. And these days, one in 20 adults uses vape pens or e-cigarettes instead of lighting up the old-school way. But did you know that the same technology is revolutionizing the way we use cannabis products? You’re no longer stuck lighting up a bong or a bowl. Instead, you can vape. But how do you choose the right vape pen when shopping at the best weed shops in Denver? Here are a few tips to help.

Know How You Want to Use the Device
Are you looking for something you can refill yourself and reuse time and time again? Do you want a vape pen that you can get rid of once it’s empty? Or do you want something in between? There are pros and cons to every type. 

Refillable vape pens need to be cleaned frequently to provide the best experience, but you’re able to use whatever cannabis concentrate you feel like. Disposable pens are easy, but you’re limited to whatever they’re filled with and can’t recycle the pen when you’re done. And cartridge-fill pens are incredibly discrete, but again you’re limited to the cartridges and concentrates that fit your specific pen.

Choose a vape that meets your needs and your personal smoking preference. 

Look for Adjustable Temperature Settings
Different strains do better at different temperatures. Some give you more flavor if things are super-hot. Others just get burned. Select a vape that offers an adjustable temperature setting. This way, you can customize your smoking experience and get the best out of every hit.

Keep in mind if you’re going for discrete and simple, your vape pen won’t offer an adjustable temperature setting. They’re designed to make using them easy which means no cleaning, no adjusting, and no fidgeting. This doesn’t make them a bad product—it just won’t give you complete control. 

It’s Okay to Have More Than One
Sometimes, you want the complete control a refillable vape will give you. Others, you want the convenience of a discrete cartridge that you can change out whenever you feel like having something different. It’s okay to invest in more than one vape pen. 

If you choose to buy a cartridge-fill pen, look for one with 5/10 thread. This is the size of almost all cannabis cartridges on the market. If you choose a pen with this size thread, you’ll be able to pick and choose your cartridge refills. That’s right—no getting stuck with a subpar proprietary concentrate! Just remember, you get what you pay for with vape pens. The higher quality products will cost more, but they’ll last longer and cause you fewer issues down the line.

Thinking of Making the Switch to Vape?
Transitioning from smoking to vaping is simple—you still get the same quality high and don’t have to change up your smoking habits. Just remember to choose a pen that works with your preferences. Not sure which one to buy? Stop by Altitude and talk it over with our budtenders. 

THC Infused Drinks 101: The Basics

December 11, 2019

THC Infused Drinks 101: The Basics
Many users prefer not to smoke because of health and personal reasons. Smoking marijuana can be uncomfortable for some people’s respiratory systems and is also quite odiferous, particularly when smoking marijuana plant. Marijuana infused drinks have become an increasingly tasty way of consuming cannabis in a smoke-free, odor-free fashion. These drinks come in a variety of flavors and are available to both medical and recreational users. The simple process to ingest and partake in a drink as opposed to smoking or vaporizing appeals to people due to the familiar nature and dilution of the smell or flavor of cannabis.

In addition, THC drinks are a great alternative way to consume the drug surreptitiously,  without drawing unwanted attention. Infused beverages are also often recommended to first-time users who want to ease into the effects of THC while enjoying the familiar taste of flavored sodas. Packaging now allows easy dosage and recommended serving sizes. 

Cannabis Tinctures Explained

Weed drinks are technically described as “tinctures” —elixirs containing a dissolved drug inside of them. Tinctures have long been known to offer those who consume them a variety of beneficial properties, like aiding in the relief of skin fissures as a disinfectant. While most tinctures are consumed orally as a drink, they can also be applied externally as well.

Cannabis tinctures have an established history in American, Australian, and British pharmaceutical culture within the last century. They’re sometimes referred to by their colloquial names, like “green dragon,” “golden dragon” and “dragon’s breath.”

Stronger High & Easier Dosage

Many new marijuana users and THC novices make the mistake of assuming that since marijuana drinks are so easy to ingest, their potency is somehow lessened. In fact, the opposite is true. Cannabis-infused drinks travels to the stomach and into the small intestine —the primary locations where nutrients are absorbed into the body. Once your beverage of choice makes it into the small intestine, your drink mixes with gastric juices and enzymes. After some processing, cannabis compounds and other nutrients are absorbed into the digestive tract. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, they make their way into the liver for processing, whereupon the euphoria and “high” begin to take place. According to a recent report by the marijuana website Herb, you can expect weed drinks and tinctures to kick in somewhere around the 30-minute mark. 

Unlike swallowing an edible, the use of marijuana drinks can be regulated by sipping, allowing users more control over how much THC they are consuming of a given period of time. 

Here at Altitude the Dispensary, our stock of marijuana drinks is available to shop online – visit the online inventory to check out the latest items in our stores. With so many dispensaries in Denver, it’s important to find quality products at competitive prices —that’s where the friendly team of professionals at Altitude comes in! Call Altitude the Dispensary today to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can help you.

Things That Impact Your High from Denver’s Favorite Weed Shops

December 3, 2019

Things That Impact Your High from Denver’s Favorite Weed Shops
Is there anything better than lighting up a fresh bit of bud at the end of the day? We don’t think so either. And tons of people use marijuana to relax and unwind—about 15 percent of the adult population in Colorado, to be exact. But did you know that certain factors can impact the way your high feels when you light up? And, no, we’re not just talking about the type of strain you choose. 

Where You Light Up
Believe it or not, where you choose to get high can have a huge impact on the way your high feels. For example, if you light up in your living room where you typically feel relaxed after work, your high will likely be more relaxing. But if you light up in an place you’re not familiar with or in a situation where you feel anxious, your high will likely be filled with feelings of paranoia. 

How You Smoke
Vaping, dabbing, and smoking all get you high, but they do it to differing degrees of severity. For example, most people feel that their highs are more intense when they dab rather than light up a bowl. This is in part due to the concentration of cannabis in each method. If you’re looking for ways to control your high, stick with the method you use most. This way, you’ll recognize your limit faster and won’t have to worry about your smoking method changing the quality of your high. 

Your Tolerance
Yup…you guessed it…your tolerance plays a HUGE role in how your body processes each hit. If you smoke a lot, it’ll take a lot more before you feel high. And the less you smoke, the less you need to reach that wonderful level of relaxation you’re looking for. 

Tolerances can change based on whether you’ve eaten before smoking, medications you’re on, and even how much sleep you get. But if you find yourself struggling to get high without smoking an entire bowl or two, take a week off. Once you stop using regularly, your tolerance decreases. Of course, you can always change things up by trying a stronger strain or dabbing. 

Your Age
This one comes as a bit of a surprise, but your age may influence the type of high you have. When you’re younger, your body is better able to process cannabis, making even intense highs relatively enjoyable. But as you get older, you may find it harder to tolerate the same amount of pot you used to. This can result in the typical feelings of paranoia, anxiety, intense munchies, and cottonmouth. 

It’s normal for your high to change over time, even if you’re smoking the exact same strain. Don’t panic if things feel different from day to day. Check in with yourself and see what happened differently before you started your smoking sesh. If the strain you’re currently using no longer works for you, stop by one of our three Denver area dispensary locations and pick up some new bud and products and see if they work better.