Hybrid Strain Information

Marijuana strains are either pure breeds or hybrid varieties of cannabis. Strains are developed to highlight specific combinations of properties of the plant to create a desired effect. This is especially helpful when a patient has a medical preference for certain cannabinoid content, such as low THC content or high CBD content. Adding sativa to an indica strain will help decrease sedation and add mental clarity, while adding indica to a sativa will decrease stimulation and can reduce anxiety.

The main advantage of hybrids is the ability to customize and to choose between a wide variety of strains for various effects on the body. 

Your go-to Dispensaries in Denver can guide you through the products and explain the differences and nuances between each available strain. Get to know what Altitude the Dispensary has to offer by shopping our online inventory – or call one of our representatives to learn more about what we offer.


Hybrid Strains

Bruce Banner
Death Star
Girl Scout Cookies
Lemon Skunk
Mango Tango
Phat Purple
Skunk OG
Strawberry Headband
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