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The Best Foods to Eat When You Have the Munchies

July 5, 2017

Everyone who has ever smoked or consumed an edible before has probably had a bad case of the munchies before. There’s nothing worse than hearing your stomach growl and realizing that you don’t have any appealing foods in your pantry. Don’t let this happen to you—buy some of these foods so you can stock your kitchen and satisfy your cravings the next time you have the munchies:

Cookie Dough

There’s no need to fuss with baking sheets or the oven—just grab a spoon and a package of cookie dough and you’re set. This is a great snack for people who have an insatiable sweet tooth.


Speaking of sweets, another great snack to have in your pantry is a jar of Nutella, which is a chocolate-hazelnut spread with a creamy consistency. Similar to cookie dough, all you have to do to enjoy Nutella is grab a spoon, although you could spread it on some toast if you’re feeling adventurous. Or you could plan ahead by baking a few sweet treats that incorporate Nutella into the recipe. Try these 25 easy Nutella recipes.

Frozen Pizza Snacks

If you’re high, you may not be able to follow complicated instructions in order to prepare a snack. But, you should be able to push a few buttons on the microwave to prepare frozen pizza snacks. Browse through the frozen food aisle at your local grocery store and grab your favorite bite-sized pizza snacks.


Do you plan on vegging out in front of the TV after smoking? If so, you’ll need a snack that you can enjoy by the handful while you watch your favorite shows. Many smokers keep bags of their favorite chips handy so they can dig in after smoking marijuana. Plus, there are so many different flavors of chips that you won’t ever have trouble finding one that satisfies your cravings.


Popcorn is lighter than other snacks, so if you would feel guilty after eating a bag full of chips, choose a bag of popcorn instead. This is an ideal substitute because it can still be eaten by the handful, but you won’t be consuming as many calories.

Pop Tarts

Although Pop Tarts are actually considered a breakfast pastry, they can also be the perfect snack for people who have the munchies. Enjoy these by themselves or take two Pop Tarts and add a layer of Nutella, marshmallow fluff, or chocolate syrup in the middle to create a sweet and satisfying sandwich.

Ice Cream

Buy a pint of your favorite ice cream to keep in the freezer for the next time that you get the munchies. Ice cream is not only delicious, but it can also ease any discomfort you’re experiencing because of a dry mouth.
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