Things That Impact Your High from Denver’s Favorite Weed Shops

December 3, 2019

Is there anything better than lighting up a fresh bit of bud at the end of the day? We don’t think so either. And tons of people use marijuana to relax and unwind—about 15 percent of the adult population in Colorado, to be exact. But did you know that certain factors can impact the way your high feels when you light up? And, no, we’re not just talking about the type of strain you choose. 

Where You Light Up
Believe it or not, where you choose to get high can have a huge impact on the way your high feels. For example, if you light up in your living room where you typically feel relaxed after work, your high will likely be more relaxing. But if you light up in an place you’re not familiar with or in a situation where you feel anxious, your high will likely be filled with feelings of paranoia. 

How You Smoke
Vaping, dabbing, and smoking all get you high, but they do it to differing degrees of severity. For example, most people feel that their highs are more intense when they dab rather than light up a bowl. This is in part due to the concentration of cannabis in each method. If you’re looking for ways to control your high, stick with the method you use most. This way, you’ll recognize your limit faster and won’t have to worry about your smoking method changing the quality of your high. 

Your Tolerance
Yup…you guessed it…your tolerance plays a HUGE role in how your body processes each hit. If you smoke a lot, it’ll take a lot more before you feel high. And the less you smoke, the less you need to reach that wonderful level of relaxation you’re looking for. 

Tolerances can change based on whether you’ve eaten before smoking, medications you’re on, and even how much sleep you get. But if you find yourself struggling to get high without smoking an entire bowl or two, take a week off. Once you stop using regularly, your tolerance decreases. Of course, you can always change things up by trying a stronger strain or dabbing. 

Your Age
This one comes as a bit of a surprise, but your age may influence the type of high you have. When you’re younger, your body is better able to process cannabis, making even intense highs relatively enjoyable. But as you get older, you may find it harder to tolerate the same amount of pot you used to. This can result in the typical feelings of paranoia, anxiety, intense munchies, and cottonmouth. 

It’s normal for your high to change over time, even if you’re smoking the exact same strain. Don’t panic if things feel different from day to day. Check in with yourself and see what happened differently before you started your smoking sesh. If the strain you’re currently using no longer works for you, stop by one of our three Denver area dispensary locations and pick up some new bud and products and see if they work better. 

Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Share How to Spot a Fake Cannabis Vape Cartridge

November 26, 2019

Vaping may be one of the most popular alternatives to smoking bud, but it’s not always as safe as it might seem. With so much news coverage about vaping and the mysterious lung conditions that have been popping up, it’s important that you get your cartridges from weed shops in Denver rather than on the street. But what happens when you’re vaping at a friend’s house? How can you tell if the cartridge they have is safe or an illegal fake? Here’s what you need to know.

Find Out Info About the Brand
Street sellers are crafty and fake packaging and brand names have been popping up all over the country. Before you take a hit, get information on the brand. Do a quick internet search to see if the brand even exists and if it does, read up on the recent reviews. Remember, all legal cartridges are made by licensed companies that follow strict manufacturing protocols. If you can’t find the brand online or the website you do see looks unprofessional, just don’t use the cartridge. It’s better to play it safe. 

Check the Packaging
Fake brands aren’t the only thing popping up online—people are manufacturing counterfeits as well. These cartridges feature real logos, but the package design will likely be different from the ones you see in your local dispensary. The easiest tell-tale sign is to check for the THC warning label. These must be included on all legal cartridge packages by law and are a standard size and design on most products. If the package doesn’t have the label or the design looks different than you’re used to, don’t use the cartridge.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients
High-quality vape cartridges shouldn’t have any thickeners or strange ingredients you’re not already used to. Many counterfeits use low-grade thickeners including Vitamin E oil which could be a contributing factor to the increase in vaping lung disease. Since the exact cause of the lung disease has yet to be determined, steer clear of any ingredients you’re not comfortable with. Even if the cartridge isn’t a counterfeit, you should never have to worry about what you’re inhaling. 

Ask Where the Cartridge Came From
The best thing you can do is ask where your friend bought their cartridge. The right answer should be “at a dispensary.” If they tell you they bought it off a friend or picked it up on the street, don’t use it. There’s no way to verify whether the ingredients are safe or that you’re getting a cannabis cartridge in the first place. Dispensaries only carry brands they trust and have detailed information regarding their production process and the ingredients used. 

If you’re really worried about vaping, just don’t do it. There are tons of other products you can use that will help you relax and unwind, many of which don’t involve smoking or vaping at all. Ready to explore your options? Stop by your neighborhood dispensary in Denver today and pick up some high-quality bud, edibles, or tinctures.

Denver Dispensary Shares 4 Ways to Stay Warm When Smoking Outside This Winter

November 20, 2019

Winter weather can take its toll on Coloradoans. Sure, we love to get out and enjoy the snow or hit the slopes, but it makes enjoying your favorite cannabis products from the best weed shops in Denver a challenge. After all, there are some times when you just have to light up your bong outside. But how can you keep warm enough to enjoy your weed? Here are a few tips to try once the temps start to drop:

Bundle Up
Sometimes, all you need to do is bundle up before you head outside. Grab a coat, hat, and scarf and head out the door. To make lighting up easier, consider picking up a pair of fingerless gloves. This will give you control over the lighter and whatever device you’re smoking out of. 
If you’re worried about keeping things discreet and not carrying the smell back into the house, dedicate a coat to smoking and nothing else. When you’re done, you can leave it outside to air out and won’t have to worry about the smell lingering on your clothes when you head to work the next day.

Look for a Sheltered Spot
The wind can get pretty bad along the Front Range. And the harder it blows, the colder it feels. Before you light up, scout out the yard for a sheltered spot where you can escape the worst of the wind. If you don’t have one, create one by hanging a waterproof tarp between a wall, tree, or patio supports where you’ll be smoking.

Invest in a Fire Pit
Winter is the perfect time to enjoy a roaring fire. Why not build one outside in a fire pit? You can even turn it into an event and share a joint or a few hits off the bong with your closest friends. Just make sure someone stays sober to tend the fire. The last thing anyone wants is to have a blaze get out of control and damage their home. If you don’t have space for a fire pit, don’t panic. Grab a few large pillar candles and set them on your outdoor table. They’ll still put off a bit of heat and can add to the ambiance while you smoke.

Sip On a Hot Beverage
Warm beverages are the perfect way to stay toasty outside without having to bundle up or drag a space heater outside to help warm the air around you. Make your favorite, whether it’s apple cider, tea, or hot cocoa and sip in between hits. You can also add some of your favorite cannabis tincture for an added buzz. A word of caution: don’t overdo it with the tincture. Edibles, including beverages will get you high. But it will take a while. Combining edibles with smoking 
Ready to get stocked up before winter is in full swing? Stop by one of our three Denver dispensary locations and refresh your stash. We’ve got everything you need to get the most out of your smoking experience, from high-quality strains to fantastic gear.

The Best Dispensary in Denver Explains What You Need to Know About Getting a Medical Card

November 13, 2019

Marijuana has been legal for recreational use for years in Colorado. But did you know it was legal for medical use far earlier? Medical marijuana was legalized in 2000, 12 years before it became legal for recreational use. Though it’s legal to buy marijuana from your favorite weed shops in Denver if you’re over the age of 21, many people still prefer to get their medical card from the state. This helps you save money on taxes at the counter and gives you access to more products across the board. But how do you go about getting a med card? Here’s what you need to know.

You Need to See a Doctor
Med cards are given out for valid medical purposes. This means you’ll need to see a doctor to receive a diagnosis and documentation that marijuana is the best way to treat and manage your symptoms. Not all doctors are willing to do this, even if you have a qualifying medical condition. You may need to search for cannabis-friendly physicians in and around the greater Denver area.

You Also Have to Be a Resident
Sorry, out-of-state college kids…you won’t qualify for a medical card unless you’re a Colorado resident. Otherwise, you’ll just have to buy recreational marijuana. If you are a resident, you’ll need to have a valid Colorado ID to complete the application. Luckily, if you’re a Colorado resident, you’re eligible to apply for a medical card if you’re over 18. For applicants younger than 18, you need parental consent. 

Applications Are Done Online
Thankfully, the state makes it easy to fill everything out online. After you see your doctor and get the necessary certification, you’ll need to enter that information on your application along with your personal details. Once this is done, you’ll need to pay a $25 processing fee. Unfortunately, the fee is non-refundable, but you can pay with a credit or debit card—no need to send a personal check to the state.

What Your Med Card Gets You
When you buy cannabis at your favorite dispensary as a recreational user, you’re subject to higher costs. Strictly speaking, you’ll pay more for the same products and pay higher taxes on every purchase. With a medical card, you’re eligible for a lower tax rate and may get lower pricing at some dispensaries for the products you use most. Of course, every dispensary is different. If you have questions about the details, reach out and ask them.

Is It Worth It?
Ultimately, deciding to apply for a medical card is a personal choice. If you do, it will be on your state record and this could impact your ability to get life insurance in the future. But if you use cannabis to manage symptoms of a certain health condition, it may be worth the investment. Should you decide not to get your medical card, don’t worry—you’ll still be able to buy products as a recreational user. 

Stop byyou local Denver dispensary, Altitude, today and replenish your stash. We’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re a medical or recreational user. 

High in the Mountains: 4 Hiking Etiquette Tips from Weed Shops in Denver

November 5, 2019

In Colorado, we love to hike. And many of us love to do it with a little cannabis in our systems. It makes nature that much more beautiful and helps you unwind and disconnect from the stresses of daily life more quickly. With more than 20 great trails close to Denver, it’s easy to get out whenever you have a free moment. But what should you do if you choose to bring your favorite cannabis products with you? Believe it or not, there are some general rules you can follow that will make the experience better for both you and the people you share the trail with.

Be Mindful of Others Using the Trail
Smoking cannabis is nothing to be ashamed of, but not everyone enjoys the experience. Put yourself in their shoes. Have you ever gone on a hike only to walk right into a cloud of second-hand cigarette smoke? You probably didn’t like it and the same holds true for other trail users and cannabis. Not everyone will be comfortable with you lighting up a joint on your hike. If you see others on the trail or notice that the trailhead is packed with cars, consider holding off on the joint.

Pack It Out
You’ve probably seen the signs at the trail head that specifically say “no littering” or “pack it out.” While most people assume this refers to food waste, cans, and water bottles, it refers to all types of litter. That’s right…even those hemp-based rolling papers that say they’re biodegradable. It means the leftover bud, lighters, cannabis candy wrappers, and anything else that you introduced into the woods. No matter what you bring, take it home with you and dispose of it properly.

Know the Law
It may be legal in Colorado to enjoy weed in the comfort of your own home. But that doesn’t mean it’s legal in the woods. Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations in the county you’re hiking in before you decide to use cannabis while in nature. If a ranger finds you smoking or enjoying an edible, you could end up facing a hefty fine. Remember, it’s up to you to decide if the risk is worth it. If it’s not, wait until you get home to enjoy your cannabis products.

Know Where You’re Going
Before you light up, make sure you know which trail you’ll be on and the types of markers you need to look for to avoid getting lost. This is good practice for anyone hiking, but if you’re planning on getting high, it’s easy to lose track of what you were doing or the direction you’re supposed to head in. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the trail and if you feel like it might be too difficult, save the cannabis for a celebratory treat after you’re done working up a sweat.

At Altitude, your local Denver Dispensary,  we want you to stay safe and enjoy your cannabis products responsibly. Use common sense and be respectful of others on the trail and you should be fine.