Make Your Hygge House Cannabis Friendly with These Tips from Your Denver Dispensary

February 20, 2019

Stoners and cannabis users have an undeserved reputation for being lazy, slob-like, and living in squalor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because we like to relax doesn’t mean we can’t take care of our homes and ourselves. We just like to keep it simple. And nothing does simple like hygge. This Norwegian concept focuses on creating a simple but cozy environment that fosters relaxation and promotes happiness. And there’s a way to make it jive with your marijuana use. Here are a few great tips from your trusted weed shops in Denver.

Make Use of Textures
Nothing says “cozy” like plush pillows, blankets, and rugs. But that doesn’t mean you need to choose bulky items. Instead, pick accents that offer a variety of textures. Pick up some throw pillows that you enjoy looking at and touching. When you’re high, those accents can make all the difference. Remember, being high elevates your senses of taste, touch, and to an extent, eyesight. If you find the textures interesting when you buy them, you’ll LOVE them when you’re high.

Create a Designated High Lounge
If you have space, create a designated smoking, vaping, or cannabis-using spot. And go all out! This area should be about relaxing and feeling comfortable. Use this as a place to unwind and avoid using it for anything else. You can create the same type of area even if you’re short on space. You just have to get creative. Add removable items like throws, pillows, artwork, and decorations. You can set these items up when you’re about to begin a smoke sesh.

Take Tea When You’re High
Smoking and hydration go hand in hand. And nothing helps hydrate you the Hygge way like a quality herbal tea. No, we’re not talking about that kind of herb…we mean teas like chamomile, hibiscus, tulsi, and other caffeine-free teas. These all have great flavor and help you relax while stimulating your taste buds. Not a tea fan? Try hot cocoa, cider, or your other favorite warm beverage. Decaf coffee works just as well.  Let your high self savor the flavors and experience the taste of each sip. 

Set the Tone with Lighting
The right lighting can make any space feel cozy and relaxing. Toss some twinkle lights up on the wall, add a few candles to the coffee table, and dim the lamps. Soft yellow light makes any space feel warmer and can help you relax and unwind with a joint in hand. If you’re getting high during daylight hours, open the windows and turn off the artificial light. Remember, harsh light can actually be stressful and make you feel more on edge, even if you’re high. 

Hygge is a way of life and can be relaxing on its own. But it’s made better with high-quality cannabis. Stop by one of our three locations and pick up your favorite Indica or Sativa-dominant strains. We’ve got everything you need to enjoy your high while you enjoy your Hygge living space at home. 

How to Avoid the Munchies with Help from Your Denver Dispensary

February 13, 2019

When you think about getting high, one thing probably comes to mind: the munchies. Sure, enjoying the way cannabis enhances flavors is an added benefit of your smoke sesh. But what happens if you don’t want to deal with increasing your caloric intake each day? Luckily, you can stop those munchies in their tracks even when you’re stoned on your favorite strain from the best dispensary in Denver. Here’s how:

Eat Before You Smoke
When you’re already hungry, the munchies will hit you hard. Keep the munchies to a minimum by eating before you smoke. If your stomach already has food in it, you’ll be less tempted to stuff your face with whatever goodies you’re craving. Just make sure to eat a healthy and filling meal beforehand. Try to incorporate lean proteins, fiber, and plenty of vegetables to keep you fueled up while you’re high.

Find Something to Entertain You
The more your mind has to focus on when you’re high, the less tempted you’ll be to reach for that bag of chips. After you smoke, find something to keep you entertained. This can be anything from movies and video games to hiking and gardening. Anything that keeps your mind on something other than food will do the trick.

Grab Some Gum
Half the time, the munchies are about the act of eating rather than the food itself. So, grab a stick of your favorite gum and get to chewing! You’ll still enjoy the blast of flavor you’d get from indulging in the munchies, but you won’t have to worry about hidden calorie bombs. Once the flavor is gone, pop another stick if needed. 

Drink Lots of Water
Cotton-mouth is by far the worst feeling after a great smoke session. And most people look to get rid of the feeling by eating whatever snacks they have on hand. Instead, reach for a glass of water. The more hydrated you are, the less cotton-mouth you’ll feel. As an added bonus, drinking tons of water will keep your stomach full, making you less likely to want that bowl of popcorn. 

Eat the Right Foods
If you do need to eat something, make sure you have the right foods on hand. Stock up on veggies and healthy dips like hummus. Make salads full of your favorite veg beforehand and leave them in the fridge for easy access. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruit like apples, melons, grapes, and berries. If you cut down on the junk food in your house before you smoke, you’ll get rid of temptation and make it easier to satisfy your munchies with healthy foods. 

Buying the right cannabis strain will make your smoke sesh more enjoyable. But it’s up to you to find ways to stay healthy and eat right even when the munchies are in full swing. Use these tips to help you avoid endless snacking while you’re high and stock up on quality bud and smoking accessories at one of our three convenient locations. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to keep the munchies at bay.

Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Explain How to Grind Weed without a Grinder

February 6, 2019

Grinders are a well-known staple tool for cannabis users. If you smoke bud, you need to break up the pot before you can enjoy it. It doesn’t matter whether you’re smoking it, cooking with it, or making your own shatter. The bud MUST be ground up before you can use it. Otherwise, that potent weed from your favorite Denver dispensary won’t be as wonderful as you thought. But what happens if you don’t have a grinder on hand? Here are a few simple alternatives you can use that won’t cost you a dime.

Your Hands
Yep, you read that right. Believe it or not, your hands can break up bud into smokable pieces. It won’t give you the same quality grind as a standard grinder, but you’ll still be able to pack a bowl or roll a joint effectively. Use your fingertips to break the bud apart. As an added bonus, this will release the delicious plant oils and will leave your fingers smelling like your favorite strain.

Credit or Debit Cards
Credit and debit cards are made up of firm and thick plastic. This makes them perfect for busting up bud. Place the cannabis on a hard and level surface. Then, use the edge of the card to gradually chop the bud up. You’ll want to keep doing this until all the large chunks are broken up. Just make sure to clean the card thoroughly afterwards.

Scissors are a great way to break up bud and you probably have at least one pair lurking around the house. Put your bud in a small container like a shot glass or empty medicine bottle. Then, put the blades of the scissors into the container and start cutting. The blades will chop up the bud quickly and the container will catch the bud so you won’t waste anything.

Zesters are fine graters traditionally used to scrape the flavorful part of citrus fruit peels into recipes. But they’re also the perfect tool for grinding weed. Lay the zester over a bowl, cup, or on top of a clean cutting board. Then, rub the bud against the raised side of the zester until the bud is ground up. Once finished, tap the top of the zester with your hand to release any lingering bits of weed from the blades. 

Kitchen Knife
If you can dice an onion, you can use a kitchen knife to grind up your bud. Place the bud on a clean cutting board. Make sure it doesn’t have any residual food smells as they can change the taste of your bud. Then, chop the bud carefully. Don’t feel rushed. You can go as slow as you need to keep your fingers in one piece.

These grinder alternatives should help you enjoy your high until you can replace your missing grinder. When you’re ready, stop by one of our three locations and pick up a replacement and a few extra rolling papers. We’ve got everything you need to replenish your stash and your tools. 

Denver Dispensary Explains How to Clean Your Vape Pen

January 30, 2019

Starting the New Year off right doesn’t have to mean changing your diet or exercising more. In fact, your resolutions can be as simple as keeping your smoking gear clean and ready to use. If you’re like most people who frequent dispensaries in Denver, you know a lot about the types of pot you love to smoke. But if you don’t maintain your smoking gear properly, your favorite strains just won’t taste as good. Though cleaning a pipe or bong is simple enough, keeping your vape pen in good condition requires a bit more patience. Here are a few easy tips to help you keep your portable vaporizer working properly.

Gather Your Gear

Before you can start cleaning your vape pen, you’ll need to get your gear together. To clean the oily residue out of the pen, you’ll need a good supply of rubbing alcohol. Since the reservoirs of pens are inherently small, you’ll also need cotton swabs to thoroughly remove that residue. Once you have everything in place, get set up on the kitchen or bathroom counter. These areas are easy to clean up if the pen has tons of debris inside once you open it.

Heat the Pen Before Cleaning

It should come as no surprise that a warm vape pen will be easier to clean than a cool one. This is because the concentrates and debris soften under the heat, making them easier to remove. So, go ahead and have a quick hit or two to clear out the gunk!

Wipe Out the Reservoir

Before you get excited with the rubbing alcohol, clear out the reservoir around the wick. Make sure to only use a dry cotton swab. Getting moisture of any type, including rubbing alcohol, near the wick can severely damage your vape pen. 

Clear Out the Threads

Now that the buildup around the wick is cleaned out, start working on the threading around the device. To do this, dip the tip of a cotton swab into your rubbing alcohol and shake the excess off. Then, rub the swab along the threading until all residue is removed. Dry the pen thoroughly by letting the alcohol evaporate off on its own. Avoid using water as it can lead to rust and damage the components of your pen if the pen doesn’t dry fully before your next use. 

Get Rid of Gunk in the Mouthpiece 

Over months of use, it’s not uncommon for the mouthpiece of your vape pen to collect some debris and dirt. Luckily, it’s easy enough to clean. Run the mouthpiece under warm water in the sink and wash the gunk away. You can clean the exterior with a mild soap or use rubbing alcohol to get rid of any germs that might still be lingering on the surface. 

If your pen just isn’t worth cleaning, stop by one of our three locations and check out our full line of smoking gear to find a new device. We’ll make sure you find the right pen to heat your favorite concentrates to that perfect temperature time and time again. 

Denver Dispensary Shares 3 Easy Tips to Help You Clean Your Pipe

January 23, 2019

Nothing beats smoking out of a beautiful glass pipe. They’re infinitely reusable, durable, and provide a clean and delicious hit time after time. But that same pipe can collect a lot of dirt and buildup after multiple smoke sessions. While it’s relatively easy to clean the pipe you picked out at the best dispensary in Denver, many people aren’t sure where to begin. After all, it’s not like you can just toss it in the dishwasher! Here are a few simple tips to help you clean your pipe so you can use it for years to come. 

Clean It Weekly

If you’re a regular smoker, you’ll notice that buildup or resin collecting inside the bowl and probably even in the mouthpiece of the pipe. This can leave you with a nasty taste in your mouth even when you light up high-quality fresh bud. That resin can collect dust, pet hair, and even start to take on strange smells floating on the air. For most smokers, weekly cleanings will be enough to power through that resin and keep it from building up in the bowl. Once this is done, you’ll be able to taste the difference as soon as you light up.

Make Resin Easy to Remove with Heat

Resin may be gummy, but it’s a lot easier to remove when it’s warm. The easiest way to soften the resin is to heat the bowl with a lighter. As a general rule, it’s best not to smoke the resin, tempting though it may be. Smoking resin means you’re smoking the old and already burned up weed from smoke sessions past. It’s not always the healthiest choice and it tastes just plain awful. Once the resin is loosened up, scrape it out with a paperclip, a small spoon, or anything abrasive that can get into the bowl itself. When in doubt, be gentle. Scratching the glass won’t kill your smoking experience, but it will make the pipe look more beat up than necessary.

Mix the Right Solution

The best way to clean your pipe after scraping out the resin is to soak it in a water and alcohol solution. Dilute equal parts rubbing alcohol and uncomfortably warm water in a sealable bowl or plastic freezer bag. Submerge the pipe and put about two tablespoons of table salt in the mixture. Once done, seal the bag or bowl and shake vigorously. Then, let the pipe sit for about an hour. After soaking, give the pipe a good rinse and let it dry thoroughly before using it again. This will give you a perfectly clean and like-new pipe that highlights the taste of the pot rather than tainting each hit with the ghosts of buds past. 

If you find that your pipe can’t be cleaned or you’re just tired of smoking out of the same device, pick up a new piece from Altitude Dispensary. We’ve got everything you need to have a smoke sesh that’s guaranteed to delight your taste buds no matter what method you prefer to use. Need more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn about our current menus and selection.