Denver Weed Shop Tells You What You Need to Know Before Your First Visit

October 29, 2020

With both recreational and medicinal marijuana legal, many people have decided to try marijuana products for the first time. Visiting a Denver weed shop for the first time can be intimidating—but it doesn’t have to be if you keep these things in mind.

There Are Many Different Types of Strains

The different types of marijuana are known as “strains,” and there are thousands on the market. The different types are not distinguished by their strength but by the aromatic oils that give them different tastes and smells. Some are meant to be energizing, and some are meant to be relaxing. 

There are Two Types of Pot Plants

There are two main subspecies of marijuana plants: Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa. Each has a distinct look and chemical makeup. Sativa plants have more THC (the primary psychoactive ingredient) and less cannabidiol (CBD—the nonpsychoactive component) content. Your budtender—the Denver weed shop employee—may recommend one or the other for you, depending on your purpose for use.

Today’s Marijuana Is More Potent

If it’s been a while since you used pot, you should know that today’s cannabis strains are much stronger. According to an article in Missouri Medicine, pot during the 1960s to the 1980s had about a 2 percent TCH level; today’s weed is as high as 28 percent THC.

People React to Pot Differently

Finding marijuana that you like can take some trial and error. People react to different strains differently based on their overall health, sex, tolerance level, and genetics. Recommendations from friends and dispensary employees are an excellent place to start, but you’ll need to find the one that is right for you and your needs.

How You Consume Cannabis Will Affect Your High

If you are new to marijuana, you should know that smoking versus eating cannabis will affect you differently. Smoking delivers an almost instant result, but edibles will take more time since they have to pass through your body before reaching the brain. But the high from edibles usually lasts much longer than with smoking, so be mindful of your consumption.

Buying CBD Oils Does Not Mean You Are Buying Pot

Many people are under the mistaken impression that CBD oil is still pot. CBD oil comes from the hemp plant, so it has 0.3 percent or less TCH in it. CBD interacts differently with the brain than THC does, and it offers many health benefits. Scientific evidence shows that it can help alleviate pain, depression, anxiety, cancer-related symptoms, and more.

Some Final Tips

Be sure to bring along your ID. You need to be 21 to purchase any Denver weed shop products.
Most dispensaries sell a multitude of products, including:
  • Oil cartridges
  • Topical creams and salves
  • Drinks
  • Edibles
  • Extracts
Not sure about something? Listen to your budtender. They know about cannabis and cannabis products; if you’re a newbie, ask questions and listen to their advice to ensure you have the best possible experience.
Stop by the Altitude Dispensary location closest to you. Our budtenders can help you pick out your favorite products or help you find something new. Come and visit us today!

COVID-Friendly Crafts and Activities You Can Do When High Off Strains From Your Favorite Weed Shops in Denver

October 23, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all live our lives. For smokers that normally share their cannabis from their favorite Denver dispensary, smoking has become a solitary activity. This can get old really fast. So, how can you stay entertained while smoking your preferred weed? If you’re struggling to come up with inspiration, you’re not alone. Here are a few awesome, fun, and socially distanced ways to keep yourself entertained this fall.

Decorate Your Mask
Masks have become a mainstay of daily life. Without one, you can’t go shopping, but more importantly, you put others’ health at risk. Unfortunately, many of the masks you can buy in stores and online are boring. Use the creativity that your cannabis gives you and decorate your mask. Use puff paint to add a touch of color, draw a silly face to make people smile, or add a pattern to make your mask stand out. Whatever you choose to do, make sure the decorations won’t impact your mask’s integrity. If you puncture it, you’ll need to start over with a new mask.

Watch a Movie with a Friend Over Zoom
Going to the movies with friends might not be something you can do easily anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch something together. Stream your favorite show or movie with your friends and share in the experience over video chat. Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and even Facebook are all great options. 

Go for a Walk Outside
If sitting indoors is something you’re getting tired of (who isn’t?), take your fun outside. Indulge in your favorite cannabis at home and then go for a walk around your neighborhood. Bring snacks to help you stave off the munchies and make sure to pack plenty of water so you’ll stay hydrated as you stroll. Remember to stay close to home, though. Driving while high can earn you a serious fine and hiking out in the wilderness with all the fires currently going on isn’t a great idea. 

Decorate for the Holidays Early
The best part of fall is that you’re free to decorate for your favorite holidays. Now that you’re spending more time at home, use this to your advantage. Smoke a bowl and decorate your house early. There’s nothing wrong with showing a bit of holiday cheer to make yourself and your family feel a bit happier as the days grow shorter. It doesn’t matter what holiday you’re decorating for—just choose decorations that make you smile.

Try These Activities Yourself
The pandemic doesn’t mean your smoking sessions have to be boring. Try these fun activities the next time you get high and start looking for new ways to stay entertained without putting yourself and others at risk. If you need to stock up on your favorite strain, stop by one of our Denver-area locations today. Our budtenders and staff are doing everything they can to keep our locations clean and safe so you can shop with confidence. Don’t hesitate to call ahead and make sure we have your favorite in stock!

Denver Weed Shop Tells You Which Weed Apps You Need to Make Life Easier

October 19, 2020

We are living in a digital world; technology is part of our everyday lives. With legalized marijuana here in Denver, there are numerous apps available for both Apple and Android that can improve your experience. Your next weed purchase literally could be as easy as swiping up. Here are a few apps in the cannabis space that you might enjoy.

If you are growing your own weed as a hobbyist or as an entrepreneur, you need this app, which acts as a virtual weed diary. It will help you keep track of growth cycles, let you connect with other Bud users, and offers useful advice to help you improve your crops.

High There!

If you are a fan of social media and want to make more connections within the cannabis community, High There could be a great option. Similar to apps like Tinder, High There! lets you swipe to meet like-minded cannabis lovers. Its platform offers a space for discussions so you can talk about different strains of weed and get local product recommendations.

This app can help you find coupons as well as delivery deals for cannabis products in the local area. You can also use the app to find out about specific strains, which is especially useful if you are shopping a bit before you actually find yourself in a Denver weed shop. 

Did you pick up a great new strain—only to completely forget what strain you got? This is the app for you! It provides a way to document and keep track of the strains you’ve tried, including the name of the strain as well as how it made you feel. It’s similar to a diary style with places for you to document symptoms if you are self-treating and share the information with family and friends. You can also track THC or CBD usage.

Have you always wanted to grow your own marijuana but just never had the opportunity? This fun app, which was developed by real growers, lets you grow virtual marijuana. Just like in real life, you have to manage the growing conditions, including light, temperature, humidity, and pH levels, to nurture your plant. This app is not only enjoyable, but you will probably learn a thing or two.

Weedmaps is one of the first apps that was created to share information with users on where to get marijuana. If you are new to the cannabis community, you will find a great starting point with Weedmaps. This is an excellent app for cannabis users that tells you where dispensaries are located near you, and it also offers reviews on products and strains so you can find the type of weed you are looking for. 

When you’re in the market for cannabis products, stop by the Altitude the Dispensary location closest to you. We can help you pick out your favorite weed products or help you find something new. Visit one of our three locations today; our budtenders can’t wait to meet you!

Denver Dispensary Explains What a Weed Plateau Is and What You Can Do About It

October 14, 2020

When you smoke cannabis from your favorite weed shops in Denver, you’ll gradually build your tolerance up. The more you use it and the more often you start taking cannabis, the more your tolerance will increase. Eventually, you’ll hit a point when you’ll start to feel like you just can’t get high anymore. This experience is known as hitting a plateau and it happens to every regular smoker. Here’s what you need to know.

What It Feels Like When You Hit Plateau
Plateaus don’t happen overnight. They take time to develop. For some regular smokers, it can take years for their tolerance to get high enough that they no longer feel the effects of cannabis. Once you reach that plateau, you’ll start to feel that you’re not getting high no matter how much cannabis you take. That doesn’t mean you’re not still experiencing the beneficial effects of cannabis. Many users still find it helps them relax even if they don’t feel high. You just won’t experience the same feeling that you used to when you started using. 

What You Can Do to Overcome It
Believe it or not, it’s possible to break through a plateau and there are a few things you can try to increase your chances of success. The best way to break through a plateau is to stop using cannabis for a while. Most people start to lose their tolerance to weed after a few weeks off the grass. That said, you don’t have to quit cold-turkey to change things up and start experiencing that buzz again.

You can also change the type of cannabis you normally take. For example, if you normally use the same strain whether it’s through a vape pen or a bowl, you’ll build a tolerance for that specific strain. Remember, THC levels are different in every type of cannabis you use. By changing things up, your body will respond to the new strain in different ways. You may end up feeling high more quickly or be able to use less just because you’re using a different strain.

For some dedicated smokers, switching strains isn’t always enough. If you’re one of them, consider changing how you use cannabis. Instead of smoking or vaping, try edibles. These allow you to better control the amount of THC you consume at any given time. After you get used to using edibles, you may be able to go back to your preferred method of cannabis use without worrying about that annoying plateau.

Don’t Give Up 
When you feel like you can’t power through a plateau, the temptation to just keep smoking is real. That said, it’s not the best way to break through the feeling of not getting high. It’s wasteful and makes you run through your stash too quickly. Instead, stop by your nearest location of Altitude the Dispensary and let our budtenders help you find the best option for your tolerance level. Make sure to sign up for our loyalty program for future savings, specials, and more before you stop by.

Denver Weed Shop Talks About Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

October 2, 2020

When it comes to storing your cannabis, there are many factors that come into play. These include light, heat, air, and humidity. With weed shops in Denver like Altitude the Dispensary, there are certain types of pot that are more popular than others. Often, people will buy more than they are likely to use in a short amount of time, so they need to store it. It’s best to store it properly so it stays fresh and potent for maximum enjoyment. It’s also worth noting that you should store different strains of weed in different containers—never together.

Here are some suggestions for long-term storage of weed.

Glass Jars With a Lid

A glass jar with a lid is an inexpensive way to store weed. It creates an air-locked environment that prevents microbial growth because there is no air coming in—or going out. If possible, use a glass jar with a rubber seal as these close tightly.

An Old Medicine Bottle

Be sure to properly sanitize the bottle before using it to store your weed. Keep in mind that if you are trying to control the odor of your weed, these bottles do not do a very good job. 

Vacuum Sealing

Many cannabis users believe firmly in storing their weed in bisphenol-free, plastic containers they can vacuum seal. Indeed, vacuum sealing does minimize the chance of airborne contaminants reaching the marijuana. 

Skip the Freezer

Some people believe that putting their weed in the freezer is a good way to help keep it fresh longer. But this is not the case—and in fact, putting it in the freezer could actually cause it to spoil faster. The main reason for this because we tend to open and close the door to the freezer several times a day. This increases the risk of contamination. But others disagree, citing even the smallest chance of exposure to the polymers in plastic as not being worth it.

Keep It in the Dark

If you have a dark, tinted container, the is preferable over a see-through one. The more your bud is exposed to light, the less chance it has of staying fresh. Marijuana is, after all, an organic substance that is vulnerable to the environment. If it is exposed to light, it can dry out and lose its sweet aroma. When this happens, it loses a lot of its potency.

Store It Alone

Your Denver weed shop recommends that you not store your cannabis with anything else, especially not with anything else that is organic. Some might suggest storing it with fruit to keep it moist, but this can create a breeding ground for the formation of bacteria.

Keep It Cool 

Experts recommend storing your weed at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, avoiding any extremes of heat or cold.

Use Titanium Containers

When storing weed, the primary goal is to minimize its exposure to oxygen, and titanium containers are ideal. It keeps just the right amount of air inside and reduces the chance of undesirable outside elements reaching the buds.

Stop by the Altitude the Dispensary location closest to you and pick up your favorite edibles and tinctures today.