How to Pack and Smoke A Bowl For Beginners

May 24, 2017

If you’ve never smoked before, you may be unsure as to how to pack and smoke a bowl for the first time. Get it right the first time by following these tips:

Gather the supplies.

First, purchase the cannabis that you plan on smoking and a bowl to smoke it out of as well. Most smokers choose glass bowls that can be purchased in the best dispensary in Denver, Altitude Dispensary. You will also need to keep a lighter handy, although this is not the only way that you can light the marijuana on fire. Many people choose to use hemp wick, but this is a bit more complicated, especially if you’re a beginner.

Break down the marijuana.

Before you begin packing it into the bowl, you will need to properly break down the marijuana. You can either use a grinder or pull apart the weed by hand to break it down into smaller pieces. Make sure all the pieces are about the same size, and don’t make them too small. Here are 10 ways to break up your cannabis if you don’t have a grinder.

Begin packing the bowl.

Now that your weed has been prepared, it’s time to pack it inside the bowl. The weed that goes in first and is placed at the bottom of the bowl should be packed more lightly than the weed that is put in last at the top of the bowl. If the weed at the bottom of the bowl is packed too tight, the pipe might become clogged and you may need to empty the bowl to clean it. If the weed at the top of the bowl is packed too lightly, you may have to repack it in order to get a deep inhale.

Smoke the bowl.

After you have packed the bowl, you’re ready to begin smoking. Place your mouth on the mouthpiece of the pipe and firmly hold onto the pipe so you don’t drop it as you smoke. Look for a carb, which is a small hole next to the bowl. If your pipe has a carb (some don’t have this feature), then place your thumb over it before you begin smoking. Then, use your lighter to light the marijuana, and take a deep inhale of the smoke that travels through the pipe. Once you stop inhaling, release your grip on the carb so the chamber of the pipe can be quickly cleared.

Clean the pipe.

It’s important to clean your bowl after every use to keep it in good condition. Visit a local dispensary to see if they sell any specialized cleaning solutions that you can use on your bowl. If not, you can either soak the bowl in boiling water or use water and a soft cloth to clean the bowl by hand.

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How to Avoid Getting the Munchies

May 17, 2017

Many people smoke to relax, clear their minds, or relieve pain, but few people smoke so they can consume thousands of calories when the munchies kick in. If you want to enjoy smoking without worrying about what you may eat when the munchies take over your mind and body, follow these tips:

Switch strains.

If you find that you get the munchies every time you smoke marijuana, stop by one of the marijuana dispensaries in Denver and talk to the budtenders about switching to a new strain. It’s very likely that you are getting the munchies because of the strain that you’re smoking. Strains that are high in THC are more likely to give you the munchies than strains that are high in CBD, so keep this in mind as you shop. Find out which cannabis strains are high in CBD.

Stay busy.

The munchies will usually kick in when your mind begins to wander and you have nothing to do while high. If you keep yourself busy after you smoke marijuana, you may be able to fight off the munchies. Distract yourself by watching TV, listening to music, playing video games, or even going to sleep. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re not thinking about food.

Eat prior to smoking.

Smoking on an empty stomach is never a good idea if you’re trying to avoid getting the munchies. The hunger that you’re feeling before you start to smoke will only get worse after you have consumed cannabis, so be sure to eat a full meal prior to lighting up.

Drink water.

It’s fairly common to confuse thirst with hunger, so if you begin to feel hungry after smoking marijuana, try drinking a glass of water first. You can even substitute water for a healthy tea or juice if you want a little bit of flavor. After drinking a glass of liquid, you may find that you no longer feel as hungry as you did before.

Put a minty taste in your mouth.

If you start to feel the munchies creeping in, chew on a piece of mint gum or brush your teeth with minty toothpaste. The overpowering taste of mint will kill your cravings so you don’t reach for a bag of chips or box of cookies.

Stock up on healthy foods.

There’s always a chance that you will get a case of the munchies if you choose to smoke. Because of this, you may as well prepare by stocking up your kitchen with healthy foods. Eating a large amount of healthy foods is better than eating a lot of unhealthy foods, so although this won’t help you avoid the munchies, it will keep the number of calories you consume in check.

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The Best Strains in Denver Dispensaries For Beginners

May 10, 2017

If you’ve never smoked before, it’s important to choose the right strain for your first time so you can have the best experience possible. Which strain should you choose? Here are some of the best options found in Denver dispensaries for beginners:


Harlequin is a sativa strain that is known as one of the best when it comes to treating pain and anxiety. It contains a high amount of CBD, which means that it is very unlikely that you will experience a bad trip. Why? THC is the cannabinoid that can sometimes make you feel anxious or paranoid after smoking, but CBD can counteract the effects of THC. Because this strain is high in CBD, you shouldn’t worry about a bad high. Learn the 5 differences between CBD and THC.


Just like Harlequin, ACDC is high in CBD, with a THC:CBD ratio of 1:20, so you are not at risk of experiencing a bad high. ACDC tends to produce an all-over body high instead of just a head high, so smoking this strain will help you get a better idea of how cannabis can help your entire body relax. It can also be used to treat stress, depression, and pain that is associated with inflammation or muscle spasms.

Maui Wowie

The two strains mentioned above are perfect if you want to kick back and relax as you smoke for the first time. But, if you want to experience some of the uplifting effects of smoking marijuana, you will need to choose a strain like Maui Wowie. This sativa strain has a sweet pineapple flavor that will transport you to the shores of the most beautiful Hawaiian beaches. After smoking Maui Wowie, you may feel a rush of euphoria and a boost of energy that increases your productivity.


Permafrost is a hybrid strain that is known for having a high number of crystal trichomes and a refreshing pine scent. Permafrost can relax you while also clearing your head and helping you find focus. Many people smoke Permafrost if they are having trouble concentrating on something, or if they need to get their creative juices flowing so they can write, paint, or create music. If you smoke a large dose of Permafrost, you may start to experience an all-over body high as well.  


This indica strain will calm both the mind and body at once and instantly relieve stress. This is a great choice for beginners because it does not produce an overwhelming high, so you will get to experience the calming effects of marijuana without feeling as if you are sedated. Plushberry can help if you are experiencing stress, headaches, general aches and pains, or insomnia. Unlike other strains of marijuana, Plushberry has a sweet, fruity taste, which many beginners find very appealing.

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Tips For Your First Visit to a Dispensary in Denver

May 3, 2017

Even though recreational weed is legal in Colorado, it can still be nerve-wracking to go into a dispensary in Denver for the first time. If you’ve never been inside one of these shops, here are some tips for your first visit:

Bring your ID.

Don’t ever assume that you look old enough to buy marijuana without an ID. You must be 21 or older to purchase recreational marijuana in the state of Colorado, and this rule is strictly enforced. Have your ID handy before entering one of the many weed shops in Denver to avoid being turned away when you try to make a purchase.

Ask the budtender questions.

Make the most out of your experience by asking the budtender questions about the products. Be upfront and let him know that you’ve never visited a dispensary before. He will be able to help you navigate through the store so you don’t wander around aimlessly. If you aren’t sure what kind of strain you want, let the budtender know what kind of high you want to experience. For example, if you are hoping to relax and get more sleep by smoking cannabis, tell the budtender this so he can show you calming indica strains. Budtenders are hired to make your shopping experience more pleasant, so feel free to ask questions.

Bring cash.

Many dispensaries do not accept debit or credit cards, so you will need to have cash if you want to make a purchase. If you don’t have any cash, call ahead and ask if the dispensary has an ATM.

Don’t smoke.

You may be able to walk into a bar, order a drink, and consume it right then and there, but it doesn’t work that way inside a dispensary. Don’t expect to smoke what you buy while inside the dispensary. Put your marijuana away and smoke it once you have made it home safely.

Put your phone away.

Fight the urge to document your first trip to a dispensary by taking a photo and posting it on Instagram in the middle of the store. Many dispensaries have a no photo policy, but even if they allow photos, it’s still rude to visit a dispensary and spend all of your time glued to your phone.

Don’t try to bargain with the budtender.

Do you consider yourself a master of negotiation? Leave your negotiation skills at the door before you enter into a weed shop. You should never try to bargain with the budtender in an attempt to get a lower price. The budtender has no control over the price, and if he gives you an unauthorized discount, he could lose his job as a result. Besides, asking for a discount is rude and shows that you don’t understand proper dispensary etiquette. Read 12 steps to great dispensary etiquette.

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Tips For a First-Time Cannabis Smoker in Denver

April 26, 2017

Smoking for the first time can be nerve wracking, especially if you don’t know what to expect. A dispensary in Denver might seem overwhelming when you are new to the marijuana world. If this is your first time lighting up, follow these tips to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible:

Talk to a budtender.

Visit a dispensary in Denver and let the budtender know that you have never smoked marijuana before. Budtenders are incredibly knowledgeable about cannabis, so they will be able to help you find a strain that won’t knock you off of your feet. Describe what type of high you want to experience, and let the budtender make suggestions so you know you have the right strain.

Find a comfortable environment.

If this is your first time smoking, it’s important to find a comfortable setting that will help you stay relaxed. Before you start to smoke, try to figure out what you will want to do when you’re high. Make sure there is food in the kitchen so you don’t feel tempted to drive anywhere. Turn on calming music or your favorite TV show or movie to set the tone.

Grab a buddy.

Do you have friends that regularly smoke marijuana? It may be helpful to have one of them with you during your first time. A regular smoker can walk you through the process so you feel more comfortable, and can help you relax if you start to feel anxious or paranoid after smoking. Try to avoid inviting a huge group of people over. People react to marijuana differently, and being around a lot of people may make you uncomfortable once you start to smoke.

Use a simple device.

How do you plan on smoking marijuana? Don’t try to use a huge bong for your first time. Stick to something simple—such as a small pipe—so you can focus on the experience of smoking instead of putting all of your energy towards figuring out how to work the device.

Keep water handy.

One of the side effects of smoking marijuana is dry mouth, which can become uncomfortable, especially if you are not used to the feeling. Make your high as pleasant as possible by planning ahead and keeping a bottle of water nearby so you have easy access to hydration. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks since these will dehydrate you and make your mouth even drier. Learn about the end-all cure for dry mouth.

Remember to stay calm.

Marijuana affects everyone differently, so you may feel high after only one hit, or it may take you several hits before you start feeling the effects. Either way, if you start to feel as if you are too high, try to remember not to panic. Take slow, deep breaths to calm yourself down and slow your heart rate.  

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