What to Do with Disposable Vape Cartridges from Weed Shops in Denver

August 21, 2019

In Colorado, we pride ourselves on being a green state. We have bike paths, emissions standards, and all sorts of regulations. But our recycling rate is startlingly low. Only 12 percent of the population actively recycles waste products. That means millions of pounds of waste end up in landfills when it could be recycled and properly disposed of. And though disposable vape pens from your Denver dispensary are a small part of the problem, they contribute to the landfill issue. They can’t be recycled easily, so what can you do to avoid contributing to this cannabis-related waste issue?

Ditch Disposable
Disposable cartridges are convenient, but they’re far from the only options out there. Instead of opting for a simple refill for a pen whose battery won’t last long anyway, invest in a refillable vape pen. These give you the freedom to choose way more concentrates than you’d find in pre-filled cartridges. And you have the added benefit of being able to wash the reservoir between concentrates so you never have to worry about contamination. Once the chamber’s empty, give it a good cleaning and refill it—no more waste, no more half-empty cartridges that won’t extract anymore.

Go Back to Basics
There’s nothing wrong with lighting up a bit of bud. It lets you savor the unique flavors of the strains you love and allows you to change strains by the bowlful. Yes, the experience might feel a bit harsher than you’d find with a vape, but there are things you can do. If you find pipes too harsh, try a water bong which helps filter the smoke before it hits your lungs. Add filters to your joints to keep things pure and smooth with each inhale. 

Dispose of the Pen Correctly
Unfortunately, Colorado doesn’t have a cartridge recycling program…yet. We hope they’re working on a way to curb the waste. But the state does provide hazardous materials recycling for the rest of the pen. Think of it this way: each disposable pen has a battery inside. That battery can leak when exposed to the elements in a landfill. This creates issues with the water supply, threatens the health of the ecosystem, and is just plain irresponsible. When disposed of correctly, waste management professionals recycle what they can and make sure the harmful chemicals inside the batteries get taken care of properly. This means no leaching and improved environmental safety.

Being eco-friendly as a toker doesn’t have to mean changing your smoking habits entirely. It just means you need to be smart about the products you use. Stay away from single-use disposable stuff and find ways to reuse the items you have. At Altitude, we’ve got tons of eco-friendly products that will get you high without contributing to the landfill issue facing Colorado. Stop by one of our three convenient locations and take advantage of our frequent flyer miles rewards program. We’ll help you save money so you can try new things more often and relax no matter what the week throws your way.

Smoking CBD

August 8, 2019

The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has lead to a spike in popularity of Cannabidiol, also known as CBD. According to preliminary clinical research on CBD, the substance may ease problems related to anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and general pain. While CBD is commonly ingested as a food or drink, or utilized as an external balm or oil, it can also be smoked. While edible forms of CBD can upwards to half hour to properly digest and enter the user’s bloodstream, CBD smokers report experiencing positive effects almost immediately. “Smoking” CBD is actually a misnomer since CBD oil is vaped. What’s the difference between smoking and vaping? During the act of smoking, fire causes substances to change from a solid state to a vapor, which is inhaled. When vaping, substances are changed from a liquid to a vapor using an electrical current.

‘Smoking’ or vaping CBD is different from consuming it as a food, liquid, or using it for external use. For starters, inhaling CBD vapors is approximately four-times more potent than consuming it through digestive system. Proponents of CBD vaping insist on it's wide variety of potential benefits. Unlike cannabis-derived tetrahydrocannabinol, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it does not alter the vaper’s state of mind, or make the user “high” or “stoned.” 

CBD vaping has been known to reduce stress and anxiety associated with posttraumatic stress disorder, social anxiety disorder, OCD, and panic disorder. Some vapers even use it during the daytime to stay awake, relaxed and focused. Vaping CBD has also been proclaimed to reduce pain and inflammation related to Type 1 Diabetes and cancer treatments. Since CBD use is largely legal across the United States, it offers users a discreet, relatively odorless way to combat stress, anxiety and pain. Recent studies even indicate that CBD vaping my be effective as a tobacco smoking cessation methods.

 While “smoking” CBD may have numerous benefits, it is not without risk. Vaping anything, regardless of the substance being vaped (CBD, THC, nicotine) may in itself be harmful, particularly after long term use, but given the fact that vaping has only recently entered mainstream culture, there are scant medical studies to corroborate this. 

The largest concern around vaping CBD oil specifically is the present lack of regulation surrounding all CBD products. Before vaping CBD oil, speak with your healthcare provider. They will be able to provide information about safe CBD sources and local laws surrounding usage. If you live in a state where marijuana is legal for medical purposes, you may even be able to apply to purchase CBD oil and vape pens from a state-certified supplier. Lastly, and despite all of its numerous purported benefits, CBD vaping can affect individuals in different ways, so new users are encouraged to vape small amounts at first to ensure their body does not react negatively to the experience. Contact Altitude today or stop by for all your CBD questions.

Dosing and CBDS: 4 Tips to Help You Find the Right Dosage from the Best Dispensary in Denver

July 24, 2019

When you start using marijuana, the first thing you realize is that it’s easy to tell when you’ve had enough. The feeling of being high is unmistakable. But figuring out your dosage for CBD products isn’t as easy. After all, there’s no THC and you won’t get high even if you take a large amount of the product throughout the day. So, how much CBD should you take? Here are a few simple tips from the budtenders at your favorite Denver dispensary.

Pay Attention to the Concentration
CBD products are available in different concentrations and that concentration will impact your dosage. Higher concentrations mean you can typically use less product to achieve the desired effect. Look at the label of the product and see how much CBD is in each serving. Lower concentrations may leave you wanting to use the product more often throughout the day. This is fine, but be sure to listen to your body and see how you feel after you take the product. 

How Are You Using It?
CBD products are available in tinctures, topical lotions and patches, edibles, and vapes, just to name a few. This allows you to fine-tune how your body receives the CBDs. But different products will require different dosages. For example, you may need to use a lotion more frequently than a vape pen because the CBDs reach your bloodstream differently. It largely depends on how you want to use the CBD and what you’re wanting to achieve. 

Start Low and Work Your Way Up
Most CBD products have a suggested dosage on the label and it’s a great place to start. Stick with that dosage for the first few uses and see how you feel. If you think the effects of the CBD are too mild, increase your dose slightly and reevaluate. Surprisingly, CBDs often work better with lower dosages. This means you’ll want to increase slowly and take the time to evaluate how you feel after each increase. It requires patience, but you’ll be able to find the right dose more easily if you’re willing to go slow. 

Know That Everyone is Different
Dosages will vary from person to person. This is because everyone processes CBD differently. And the more you use your products, the more you’ll understand how each one makes you feel. The suggested dosage on the label is just a guideline. It won’t work for everyone and you’ll need to figure out what works for you. By all means, ask for advice from friends, your budtender, and even the internet. But remember that the only way to know what dosage is right for you is to try it yourself. 

Get Started With CBDs
The only way to know how much you should take is to try a product for yourself. Start with the lowest dosage and gradually increase if needed. Once you figure out what works best for your body and your needs, you’ll be good to go. Still nervous about trying CBDs? Stop by our dispensary and let our budtenders help you find the best products for you.

4 Fantastic Benefits of Buying Pre-Rolled Joints at Your Denver Dispensary

July 18, 2019

Medical and recreational marijuana have been used in Colorado for a while now. In fact, more than 15 percent of the population admits to using cannabis at least occasionally. With so many people using, it’s given us a chance to see what’s popular, what people love, and what smokers look for time and time again. The answer: a joint. The humble joint is a convenient entry into the world of cannabis, but you don’t have to roll them yourself. Here are a few reasons to buy pre-rolled joints from your favorite weed shops in Denver.

Rolling Joints Is Hard
Though a joint may be the simplest smoking option, getting the perfect joint is far from easy. It takes practice and you will mess up a lot at the beginning. By buying pre-rolled joints from your favorite dispensary, you’ll spare yourself that frustration. Your joints will be perfect, the amount of pot inside is measured for consistency, and everything is prepared in a way that makes them super portable. 

Let’s You Try New Strains
Pre-rolled joints are available in different strains. When you buy marijuana, you’re stuck buying a certain amount at the counter. This makes it tough to experiment with different strains or to try new things consistently. With a pre-rolled joint, you’re able to sample new strains and see how you like them without committing to a bunch of bud. Nothing is worse than finding out that you’re not wild about the strain you buy only to discover that you bought too much. 

It Saves You Time
Sometimes, you just want to come home and light up. Packing a bowl, prepping your weed, or rolling a joint takes time. After a long day of work, that just won’t do. You need to relax, unwind, and take a deep breath to recover. With pre-rolled joints, the work is done for you. All you have to do is pick the show you want to watch, the food you want to eat, and locate your lighter. Once you’re settled, light up, toke up, and relax like you deserve. 

They’re Portable
Pre-rolled joints are packaged to make getting them home easy. You don’t have to worry about leakage or remember your rolling papers when you’re rushing out the door. Everything is inside, ready to light up. And if you’re planning on heading to a party or gathering, pre-rolled joints fit easily into your pocket. You don’t have to safely transport your bong or favorite glass pipe. As long as you have a lighter or a box of matches, you’re good to go.

At Altitude, our pre-rolled joints are sure to please. We take great pride in making sure every joint is tight, packed, and ready to go when you’re at the counter. Just ask your budtender and stock up on a classic that’s sure to give you the high you want without the hassle of preparing loose bud. And be sure to check out our loyalty rewards program. You’ll save money and have access to fantastic specials week after week. 

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

July 10, 2019

The Endocannabinoid System ECS is a biochemical communication system in the human body that regulates physiology, mood, and our everyday experience. The ECS was discovered in the 1990's by Dr. L.A. Matsuda during trials whose original goal was to understand how the intoxicating substances found in marijuana affected human physiology. What Matsuda's team discovered was a complex network of cannabinoid receptors structured with the cellular framework of both the central and peripheral nervous systems. Cannabinoid receptors are found numerous places through the body’s structure, and as such, they are crucial for optimal health. In fact, they play a significant role in regulating many bodily functions like motor control, pleasure, immune system function, pain, appetite and sleep.

The ECS’ primary function is to regulate how quickly neurotransmitters within the brain are being released, slowing them down or speeding them up as necessary in order to return to and maintain internal homeostasis after the body has endured a threat. There is preliminary scientific evidence to indicate that when these receptors are stimulated by cannabinoids, or CBD, our bodies system can communicate more effectively with themselves. This accelerated biophysical communication can help to relieve depression, lower intestinal inflammation, lower blood pressure and reduce fear and paranoia. 

While much remains to be learned about the ECS, there are a few basics that the scientific community largely agrees on. The ECS helps fine-tune the vital physiological functions in both humans and animals. The ECS is key in promoting homeostasis across a wide variety of key daily functions, notably sleep, appetite, pain, inflammation, memory, mood, and even sexual behavior. Presented in the most basic terms, the ECS helps modulate the regulation of homeostasis across all of the body’s major systems, ensuring that each of these disparate systems work in concert with one another.

How Does CBD Affect the ECS?

Despite the fact that research regarding the effects of phytocannabinoid cannabidiol, or CBD,  on the ECS, scientists have learned that the system recognizes and respond to cannabinoids from external sources. According to the National Institute of Health (NIH)  manipulating the endocannabinoid system by introducing external cannabinoids like CBD may play a role in treating a variety of medical ailments, from general aches and pains to acne, diabetes, schizophrenia, alcohol withdrawal and heart disease. As new research emerges and new clinical trials begin, we remain at the forefront of discovery regarding how CBD products can work with the ECS to help and heal. 

Questions about CBD and how it can benefit you? Contact Altitude today!