4 Easy Tips to Help You De-Stress This School Year from Your Favorite Weed Shops in Denver

August 13, 2020

The school year is here. And whether you’re attending graduate school or are a parent of a preschooler, you know it’s going to get stressful—fast. All that stress can have some pretty nasty side-effects not just mentally, but physically. Your favorite Denver dispensary wants to help you avoid those pitfalls as much as possible. Here are a few simple things you can do to help you de-stress this fall.

Go for a Walk
Believe it or not, one of the simplest and most effective ways to deal with stress is to go for a walk. Open your front door, take a deep breath of fresh air, and take a stroll around the block. You don’t have to go far. Remember, you’re not trying to exercise. You’re trying to clear your mind. See if you can focus on anything other than what’s stressing you out. Think about the sunshine, focus on the way the wind blows through the leaves, or think about something you’re grateful for. Often, these little shifts can help you push reset on your thoughts and keep stress from taking over.

Make a Cup of Tea
Tea can be one of the most relaxing beverages in the world. But you’ll want to avoid caffeine if you’re trying to relax and calm your mind. Choose an herbal tea like chamomile or look for a decaffeinated version of your favorite black teas. For an added dose of relaxation, add your favorite cannabis tincture or CBD tincture to the mix. 

Dedicate a Bit of Time to Yourself
Everyone needs a bit of me-time every once in a while—parents especially. So, take some time out for yourself each week. This can be however long you can carve out of your busy schedule. There’s no right answer here. Use that time to do something that you enjoy. This can be watching a favorite show, reading, listening to music, or even going out for a fancy coffee drink. When you give yourself a little TLC, you’ll end up feeling refreshed and better prepared to tackle whatever was stressing you out in the first place.

Try Cannabis Before Bed
For many people, sleep can be hard to come by when they’re stressed. But traditional sleep aids aren’t always the best choice. They can interrupt the quality of your rest if you’re not careful. Instead, try a cannabis product before bed. This can be an edible gummy, a joint, or even a tincture under the tongue. For many people, this is enough to help settle their minds and let them get to sleep without dealing with the racing thoughts that kept running through their minds all day.

Don’t let stress keep you from enjoying the school year and everything it has to offer. Stop by one of our three Denver area dispensaries and let our budtenders help you find the perfect products to beat that stress once and for all. And make sure to sign up for our loyalty rewards program to get the latest deals and special discounts!

Denver Dispensaries Share Why a High Cannabis Tolerance Isn’t a Bad Thing

August 6, 2020

If you’re a regular cannabis user, you know that the longer you use your favorite products, the more your cannabis tolerance grows. The higher your tolerance is, the more weed from the best weed shops in Denver you’ll have to use to experience the characteristic high. While a high cannabis tolerance can seem like a bad thing, it’s not always as bad as it seems. Here are a few reasons why a high tolerance isn’t the end of the world.

You’ll Be Able to Get Things Done
When you have a low tolerance, even small amounts of cannabis can make it hard to get anything done. You’re too wrapped up in that high feeling and would rather veg out on the couch than take care of that growing to-do list you’ve been putting off for days on end. When you build your tolerance up, you’ll be able to get things done without struggling with a buzz from the THC. You’ll still be able to feel the beneficial effects of cannabis without having to battle against the mental cloud many newer users experience.

You’re Able to Use More
Yes, cannabis costs money and the more you use, the more your weed budget will need to change. However, for medical patients especially, a higher tolerance means they may be able to get more beneficial effects from the cannabis. Remember, using cannabis as part of a medical treatment schedule means choosing the right dosage. If the dose is too low, it won’t do what you need it to. When you have a higher tolerance, you’re building a tolerance to the psychoactive properties, not the medical benefits of cannabis itself. This means you’ll be able to use more cannabis without dealing with a whiteout or feeling like you’re too high to function.

It’s Not a Permanent Thing
High cannabis tolerance isn’t something permanent. It’s something you can always fix if you decide that you need to. All you have to do is cut back the amount of cannabis you use and how often you use it. Take a break for a week or two (unless told otherwise by your doctor) and let your tolerance fade a bit. The longer you take a break from using cannabis, the lower your tolerance will become. Once you start using it again, you’ll be able to feel the psychoactive effects just like you used to. 

You Can Try New Things
If you don’t want to take a break, use your high tolerance as an opportunity to try new strains and products without worrying about disrupting your day. Often, high tolerances relate to the types of products you use most. When you change strains or ways of using cannabis, you’ll be able to notice the subtle differences more clearly.

Don’t Let High Tolerance Get You Down
A high cannabis tolerance is nothing to be ashamed of or worry about. Stop by your nearest location of Altitude the Dispensary and let our experienced budtenders help you find ways to break through your tolerance. 

How to Keep Gummies From Your Denver Weed Shops From Melting This Summer

July 20, 2020

Edibles are some of the best (and most delicious) cannabis-infused products on the market. Their fruit flavors delight the tongue and the dosing options make it easy for you to control your high. While they’re delicious, they’re also especially prone to melting in the summer heat. No one wants to find that the cannabis-infused gummies they just bought from their favorite dispensaries in Denver have melted inside your home when the air conditioner didn’t kick on when you wanted it to. Here are a few things you can do to keep your gummies safe and solid.

Store Them in the Fridge
Unfortunately, a lot of older homes and apartments just don’t have central air conditioning. This makes it hard to keep your gummies cool during the heat of the day. The best thing you can do is store your gummies in the fridge. The cool temperatures will keep them from melting but won’t hurt the potency of the cannabis inside them. If you don’t mind them turning into hard candies, you can eat them as-is. However, if you’d prefer the chewy experience, just take your preferred dose out of the fridge and let it come to room temperature before you enjoy it.

Put Them in a Dark Cabinet
In most homes, cabinets and drawers tend to stay cooler even when the temperatures inside your home are on the rise. Use this to your advantage. Put your gummies in a dark cabinet or drawer away from electrical outlets or appliances. These can give off enough heat to melt your edibles if you’re not careful. Even better, keeping your gummies in a dark cabinet keeps them out of reach of your kids or roommates that you don’t feel like sharing with!

Keep Them in a Cooler on the Go
If you’re travelling and want to bring your gummies with you, you can’t leave them in your hot car. If you do, you’ll end up coming back to a bottle of liquified goo. This goo is almost impossible to dose accurately and the extreme heat can hurt the potency of your cannabis. Instead of leaving them in a bag in your trunk, plan ahead. Pack your gummies in a cooler or an insulated lunchbox with an ice pack. This will keep your gummies cool enough for several hours at least. Just make sure to store the bag out of the sun and only travel with your edibles in-state. Crossing state lines with cannabis is still a criminal offense even if you bought them legally in Colorado.

Stock Back Up
If the worst does happen and your gummies melt in the summer heat, don’t panic. Stop by your closest location and pick up a fresh batch of your favorite edibles. Just remember to be more cautious about how you store your replacements while the temps are on the rise. It might not be ideal, but enjoying cold gummies is still better than coping with a melted mess when all you want to do is kick back and relax.

Denver Weed Shops Share the Top Mistakes to Avoid When Making Edibles

July 10, 2020

One of the best ways to enjoy weed from your favorite Denver dispensaries is to turn it into delicious creations in your kitchen. Cooking up edibles allows you to control the types of ingredients you use and the dose of cannabis you ingest, but if you’ve never cooked with weed before, it’s easy to make mistakes. While those mistakes won’t necessarily ruin your edibles, they can make the experience less pleasant. Here are a few of the worst mistakes you’ll want to avoid when you start making your own edibles. 

Using Too Much Cannabis
You really can have too much of a good thing when it comes to making edibles. Remember, a little goes a long way when it comes to weed and it can take longer for your body to process the THC when you eat it instead of smoking it. Keep this in mind when you’re adding weed to your edibles. Use the smallest amount necessary to get the high you’re expecting. You can always add more in the next batch if you decide it’s not strong enough.

Using Raw Weed
It’s a common misconception that edibles are just your favorite dishes made with bits of ground up flower tossed into the mix. You need to activate the THC and that means taking time to prep your weed. Grind it up lightly, taking care not to overgrind your weed. Then, spread it on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and place it in the oven for a few minutes. You don’t need tons of heat. Set the temperature at about 250 degrees Fahrenheit and let it sit for about 45 minutes. Once it’s cool, you’ll be able to incorporate it into your recipes. The result will be a better and more potent high.

Cooking With Too Much Heat
You can overcook your cannabis and when you do, your edibles won’t get you high no matter how much you consume. Try to cook dishes that won’t require high temps. Baked goods like cookies, biscuits, bread, and brownies can be baked at 350 degrees Fahrenheit which is just cool enough to keep the weed from breaking down. Any hotter than that and you’ll start to lose potency.

Make Sure You Add Fat
Cannabis works best when you combine it with fats like oil and butter. This helps your body break down the THC more quickly and makes your high more potent. Make sure you’re adding fat to your edibles in keeping with the recipe. You don’t need a ton—just enough to make the cannabis more bio-available. 

Get Cooking Today
Making your own edibles is a great way to experiment with cannabis from the comfort of your own kitchen. Just make sure you avoid making these mistakes and your creations will be both delicious and rich in the cannabinoids you love. Not a huge fan of whipping up meals at home, but still want to enjoy a delicious edible? Stop by Altitude the Dispensary today and pick up some of the best edibles in Denver

Denver Dispensary Explains Why Ordering Cannabis Online could have its cons for customers

Stop into Altitude, Today!

June 24, 2020

With COVID-19 cases on the rise across the state, many people have been looking for different ways to get the cannabis products they love using every day. This means more people are starting to rely on online delivery services and ordering cannabis without ever setting foot in one of the many weed shops in Denver. While it may seem convenient, it’s not always the best idea. This is what you need to know about ordering your favorite weed online and why you should avoid it.

You May Not Know What You’re Getting
When you visit a dispensary, you’re able to see the products before you buy them. This helps you know whether the flower you’re buying is fresh or old and gives you the chance to make substitutions if your favorite strain or product is unavailable. When you order online, you won’t be able to preview the weed before it arrives at your door. Though most dispensaries try to maintain high quality standards, some are willing to let things slide. This means you may end up with a disappointing smoking experience.

You Won’t Be Able to Ask Questions
One of the biggest benefits of buying high-quality cannabis from a dispensary is the ability to ask questions while you’re there. The budtenders know their products and are able to explain the benefits of each item in the case. This makes it easy for you to make informed decisions about the types of products you’re buying. When you order online, you won’t be able to ask questions or learn about the products before you place your order. This means you’re at-risk of getting something that you won’t enjoy or that won’t do what you want it to. Worse, returns are virtually impossible, so you’ll be out the money completely.

You May End Up Paying More
Believe it or not, buying cannabis online won’t actually save you money in most cases. It may even end up costing you more. Not only do you have to pay for the cannabis itself, but you’ll have to pay for a delivery surcharge which can be as much as $10. You’ll also need to be willing to tip the delivery driver who brought you your cannabis in the first place. While you might save yourself a little time by not having to make the trip to the dispensary, you’ll pay a premium for the ability to get weed without leaving your home. Just think of how much extra cannabis you can buy with what you save by going to the dispensary yourself!

Stop By Altitude
The next time you need to replenish your stash, don’t settle for questionable delivery services. Instead, stop by your nearest dispensary. At Altitude the Dispensary, we’re committed to providing you with only the highest quality cannabis at prices you can afford. Our experienced budtenders are on-hand to help answer your questions and find your new favorite products every time. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority and we’ll do everything we can to make sure you find the best weed for your desired high.