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Denver Marijuana Dispensary Explains The Destigmatization of Marijuana Part II

In our last blog we defined ‘destigmatization’ and discussed how it pertains to the now legal (in most states) marijuana industry. In that blog, I likened the destigmatization of marijuana to that of the destigmatization of alcohol after prohibition. It happened then, however, possibly so slowly that we did not really notice how it happened. Denver weed shop, Altitude Dispensary, along with dedicated proponents for the legalization of marijuana are eager to destigmatize the very beneficial flower. But where to start?

We will start here with this blog and some very simple steps you, as a proponent of the legalization of marijuana, can take to get the ball moving in the right direction. One of the first and easiest things you can do is to start the conversation. I say this is easy because talking is easy. Though, I am not saying that talking about this particular subject is all that easy, especially depending on where you are and to whom you are speaking. 

However, if you are ready and comfortable in your beliefs and opinions, sharing them is a great way to begin to destigmatize marijuana and its use. Most people feel the way they do about marijuana because they are not educated about it. As mentioned in our last blog, they believe it is bad for the simple fact that it was at one (recent) point illegal. We are taught to believe that anything and everything illegal is inherently bad. However, we know this is not the case, and we can share this information with those who do not. 

With the legalization of marijuana and the plethora dispensaries like the outstanding Altitude Dispensary, those same people are having to come to terms with what they once thought, because they were told to think it. Having the discussion with them about why marijuana is legal and, indeed, why is should be and deserves to be legal is a great starting point. 

You do not have to be an expert to have these conversations. You can simply talk about why it is important to you that marijuana is now legal. This might include the many benefits—both medically and recreationally—that marijuana offers. You can share your personal experiences as to how the flower has helped or benefited you or those close to you. 

As we have discussed in previous blogs, some of those incredible benefits include: pain reduction, help with nausea, increased appetite, and relieving anxiety for those suffering from it. Many people who believe that because it was illegal it means it is bad, have no idea of these awesome benefits and it is up to your to share you stories about how marijuana helped you personally. 

By sharing your stories you act as an educator and can personally help someone understand the benefits of the now legal plant. This very well could be the first step in the right direction to destigmatizing marijuana. In our next few blogs for Altitude Dispensary, we will offer more ideas for out to destimatize this precious flower.