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How to Talk to A Doctor About Weed in Denver

November 8, 2017

Patients should feel comfortable talking to their doctors about anything related to their health, but many people feel awkward talking about the topic of weed. If you are interested in using weed in Denver for medicinal purposes, here are a few things you should cover when talking to your doctor:

Your Symptoms

Help your doctor understand why you need medical marijuana in Denver by explaining your symptoms. Explain how often you experience the symptoms and how severe they are. For example, don’t simply tell your doctor that you are experiencing anxiety. If anxiety has interfered with your ability to work or sleep, he needs to know so he understands how it is affecting your life.

Type of Product

Talk to your doctor about how you should consume marijuana. Some doctors may advise smoking marijuana, while others suggest that their patients consume edibles instead. If you are trying to treat general aches and pains, the doctor may recommend that you try a topical cream first.


There are hundreds of different marijuana strains and each of them produces a unique high. For example, the Girl Scout Cookies strain is often used to treat pain and migraines, whereas the Harlequin strain is best for patients suffering from anxiety or depression. Because each strain is so different, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about which strain you should be using. Learn about the 10 best medical cannabis strains.


How will using medicinal marijuana affect your lifestyle? This is another question that needs to be addressed when you are talking to your doctor. If you work full-time, you need to know if using medicinal marijuana will make you tired and unable to perform your job duties. Patients that have children will need to know if it is safe for them to use marijuana when their kids are around. Make sure you understand how marijuana will fit into your lifestyle before you begin using it to treat your health conditions.


How often should you use medical marijuana? Should you wait for the symptoms to appear before using medical marijuana? Don’t leave the appointment until you find out the answers to these questions. You would never take a prescription medication without knowing exactly how to use it, so don’t make this mistake with medicinal marijuana, either.

Health History

Don’t forget to go over your health history with your doctor before you begin using medicinal marijuana. Ask your doctor if you are healthy enough to use medical marijuana and if it will interact with any medications that you are currently taking. Your doctor should always review your health history before suggesting any new type of treatment, but if he doesn’t, it’s up to you to bring it up before the appointment is over.  

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