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Tips from a Denver Dispensary: How to Make Your Weed Last Longer

November 29, 2017

The more weed that you need, the more money you will have to spend, which is why many people try to make their weed last as long as possible. It may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. You can make your weed last longer by following these easy tips from an experienced Denver dispensary:

Smoke Bowls

A lot of people enjoy smoking joints or blunts, but if you want to make your weed last longer, smoke a bowl instead. Joints and blunts require much more weed than bowls do, which means you will go through your stash of marijuana much faster.

Corner Your Bowl

Cornering a bowl means lighting a small portion of it while smoking instead of lighting the entire bowl at once. To do this, simply tilt the bowl to one side before lighting it up so the flame from your lighter only touches a small part of the bowl. If you light the entire bowl at once, the weed will char quickly and need to be replaced. Get in the habit of cornering your bowl every time you smoke so you can maximize the number of hits that you are able to take off of every bowl. Learn how and why you should corner a bowl.

Keep Weed in Glass Jars

Sometimes, people have to throw out some of their weed because it has gone bad by the time they want to use it. This is a huge waste of money—and perfectly good cannabis. Avoid this problem by storing your marijuana in a glass jar instead of keeping it sealed inside a plastic bag. Weed can start to grow mold and lose some of its potency if it’s trapped inside a plastic bag, but this won’t happen if it’s safely inside a glass jar. The glass jar should be kept in a cool and dark place within your home so you can preserve the marijuana for as long as possible.

Save the Roaches

Instead of tossing all of your roaches in the trash, save them in a glass jar. At the end of every week—or month, depending on how much you smoke—empty all of the roaches. You will be surprised at how much weed you will be able to get out of the roaches that you normally toss in the trash. It may seem strange to keep your roaches, but every little bit helps when you are trying to make your stash last as long as possible.

Ration it Out

Smoking with friends is fun, but not if you’re the only one who ever buys the weed. Buying enough marijuana for everyone to enjoy can be expensive, so if you’re trying to save money or make your weed last longer, bring only the amount you plan to consume instead of your whole stash. This way you can still contribute to the festivities but be responsible with how much you’re willing to spend on weed.  

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