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Vaping vs. Smoking: Which is the Best Way to Enjoy Weed from Denver Marijuana Dispensaries

January 24, 2018

Whether you’re new to using marijuana or have been a long-time bong user, you’ve likely wondered if vaping is really all that great. After all, it’s really no different than smoking, right? Though both smoking and vaping let you to inhale your favorite strains purchased at your preferred Denver dispensary, many users find they prefer one method over the other. So, how do you decide? While you’ll still want to try both methods, here’s a brief guide to help you decide which one to choose first.  

Consider Where You’ll Be Imbibing

In the state of Colorado, marijuana is only supposed to be enjoyed in private residences, but there are occasions where lighting up a joint or pipe may not be the best option. Remember, smoking marijuana leaves a trail of smoke and a strong smell that lingers on clothing and hair unless the area is well ventilated. Vaping, on the other hand, produces a fine water vapor mist that is quick to dissipate. Though there will still be a slight smell, it’s far less noticeable than the standard one-hitter. For this reason alone, vaping is ideal for those looking to be more discreet—like when the family’s in town.

How Involved Do You Want to Be?

Rolling a joint or packing a bong takes time—even with years of practice. While some people enjoy the hands-on aspect of smoking, others prefer to be more hands-off. Vaping, especially with a portable vaporizer, can be as simple as loading a cartridge and taking a hit. Both smoking and vaping have their place, but for smokers looking for the ultimate in convenience, opt for a vaporizer. That said, the vaporizer still needs to be cleaned and properly calibrated to provide a good high.

Taste Matters

Combustion, which makes smoking possible, alters the taste of marijuana however slightly. Most smokers note that the pure flavor of weed often gets lost, overpowered by the slightly burnt aftertaste caused by the combustion process. Since vaporizers don’t actually ignite the weed and instead heat a pure marijuana concentrate, the flavor of the strain is allowed to shine. Marijuana purists rejoice—vaping will give you the cleanest taste.

Health Impacts

While there are no long-term studies about the health implications of vaping, many users experience less lung aggravation and upper respiratory issues than smokers. When smoke is inhaled, it deposits more than the THC into the lungs. It also carries some carcinogens and other toxins that are a byproduct of the burning bud. Keep in mind, pot smoke is typically considered less dangerous than tobacco smoke. However, if you’re looking to minimize lung irritation, incorporate vaping into your routine. In a recent study, vaporizers were found to produce fewer toxins and carcinogens without decreasing the amount of THC ingested.

The Highs May Be Different

Long-term smokers know just how much it takes to get a comfortable high when smoking. Even with a different bong or pipe, the experience will be relatively consistent. With vaporizers, there’s a bigger margin of error. If the temperature control is even slightly off, the concentrate may not get you as high as you’d like. While this is less of a problem with high-end vaporizers, it can be an issue with portable pen-style models.

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