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Weed Shops in Denver Debunk 4 Common Cannabis Myths

March 7, 2018

Whether you’re a regular smoker or have never tried marijuana in your life, you’ve likely encountered a number of myths about cannabis. Though many of the misconceptions are starting to fade with the increase in legalization across the country, some myths seem like they’re here to stay. Most Dispensaries in Denver laugh at these misconceptions, but we wanted to take a moment to clear the air. Here are some of the most common and pervasive pot myths—debunked.

Cannabis is a Gateway Drug

For years, marijuana has erroneously been referred to as the gateway drug. The theory is that once you start smoking, you’ll start experimenting with other (harmful) drugs and spiral down into addiction. Though many people who use drugs like heroin and cocaine have at least tried marijuana at some point, it did not lead them down the path of drug use. In fact, the main reason people start using heroin, cocaine, and other types of hard drugs, is because it’s readily available in their neighborhood, social circle, or house. It has nothing to do with whether or not they used marijuana in the past. Using marijuana is not an indication that you’ll become addicted to other types of drugs.

Weed Does Not Have Any Medicinal Properties

This myth has been debunked by science time and time again, but people love to keep touting it as truth. Hundreds of studies have proven that marijuana helps with numerous medical conditions from chronic pain relief to helping manage the symptoms of epilepsy. Scientists are constantly making new discoveries into how weed can help with disease management and symptom mitigation, proving that cannabis can and does have medicinal properties that benefit everyone.

Pot is Addictive

This myth has been around for decades and we can see how it came around. Smoking is the most popular way to consume pot and, as a result, people assume it’s addictive, just like cigarettes. However, marijuana, especially the weed purchased at a reputable dispensary rather than off the street, does not contain any addictive compounds. Cigarettes, on the other hand, contain hundreds of chemicals, additives, and ingredients specifically designed to make you addicted. The more cigarettes you smoke, the stronger the addiction. The same is not true of marijuana and even habitual smokers do not become addicted or dependent on weed to get through the day.

Marijuana Makes You Lazy

There’s no denying that weed helps you relax and relieves anxiety, but it does not make you inherently lazy. In fact, this claim is just as ridiculous as saying getting a regular massage will make you lazy. After you smoke a large bowl or eat a few gummies, you may want to do nothing more than watch a movie on the couch, but that feeling is fleeting. In a few hours, you’ll be relaxed, but back to normal energy levels, just as though you’d gotten a long massage.

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