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The Best Dispensary in Denver Shares 5 Things to Do When You’re High

March 21, 2018

Marijuana has a reputation or fostering relaxation. While your favorite strain will certainly help you unwind after a particularly long day, you don’t have to waste the rest of the afternoon vegging out on the couch. In fact, weed can help make even mundane tasks feel less tedious and more enjoyable. Your trusted Denver dispensary shares a few awesome ideas to help you stay entertained the next time you’re stoned.

Watch a New Movie

Rather than flipping channels aimlessly, rent or stream a new movie online. Cannabis can heighten your focus while relaxing you, letting you experience the film in a more immersive way. Colors may be sharper, camera angles take on new meaning, and the story can seem even more intriguing than it would before you smoked. Before you pick up the latest animated feature, consider choosing something a bit more lifelike. Indie dramas, foreign films, and even classic movies all seem more enjoyable after smoking.

Get Outside

Just as weed helps you notice new details in films, it can help you notice and appreciate nature more thoroughly. Take a walk around the block, catch an Uber to your favorite park, or relax on the porch with a glass of water—we do live in a desert, after all—and let nature be your entertainment. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you avoid driving yourself. If you’re caught driving high, you might get slapped with a DUI.

Listen to Music

Being high often heightens your senses and makes the slightest change in the room more noticeable. This means that when you listen to music stoned, you’re able to notice the little things like the change in bass line, the way the drums maintain the beat, and even pick up nuances in the notes and lyrics that you otherwise might have missed. For a fully immersive experience, consider using noise-cancelling headphones to completely surround yourself with the tunes.


Under normal circumstances, meditation might seem boring. After all, your mind wanders, you start thinking of all those things you need to do to get through the week, and even get frustrated with having to sit still for an extended period of time. When you’re stoned, meditation becomes a great way to relax, clear your mind, and gain new insight into your life and daily routine. You’ll be able to focus more intensely, relax, and feel rejuvenated at the end of your session.

Work Out

Pot doesn’t have to keep you from being active. In fact, getting high before your workout might just improve your performance. While it’s best to head outside and enjoy nature while getting active, you can head to the gym and pound out a good cardio session on the treadmill. Best of all, working out while high will make the workout more enjoyable—instead of focusing on how long you’ve been running, you’ll be able to enjoy other sensations like the feel of running or how amazing it is to take all those deep breaths.

Now that you have some ideas of how to spend your time while high, it’s time to refresh your stash. Stop by Altitude Dispensaries today and let our budtenders hook you up with the finest edibles and smokables in Denver.