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What You Need to Know About Traveling with CBD Oil from Your Favorite Weed Shops in Denver

April 11, 2018

While the thought of going on vacation and relaxing at your chosen destination is always thrilling, the process of getting there can be incredibly stressful, especially when you’re flying. For many Denver residents, this prompts an important question: can you travel with CBD oil even though marijuana is considered illegal by the Federal government? Your Denver dispensary wants you to understand how to travel safely with your CBD tincture so you can continue to enjoy that relaxing sensation even on the most hectic travel days. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re heading to the airport to ensure that you don’t get needlessly hassled by the TSA.

CBD Oil is Not Marijuana

Everyone knows that traveling across state lines with marijuana is illegal. In fact, the Feds have declared it a Schedule I drug. This means, if you’re caught in possession of marijuana outside of a legalized state, you can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Luckily, CBD oil is not classified as marijuana and as such is not considered an illegal substance. However, CBD oil must not contain any levels of THC—even trace amounts—to be considered legal. If you purchase CBD oil at a Denver dispensary, take the time to ask the budtender about THC content. If the tincture in question contains nothing but CBDs and could be shipped out of state, you’re fine to take it with you. If there’s even a small chance that the tincture contains some amount of THC, you’ll need to leave it at home.

At the Airport

When you’re at the airport, you’ll need to go through the security checkpoint. This means your CBD oil will need to pass through their scrutiny. Since the substance is legal, you shouldn’t face any trouble at the checkpoint. However, because it’s still a liquid, you’ll want to double check how much tincture you’re bringing with you. The TSA limits the amount of liquid per container to no more than 3.4 fluid ounces whether it’s toothpaste, cough syrup, or CBD oil. If you bring a bottle any larger than that, you can expect to either pay to mail it back home or throw it away before you pass through the checkpoint. This limit is non-negotiable and no amount of pleading with the TSA will get your month-long supply through the checkpoint. You can, however, bypass this legal size limit by checking the bottle with your larger suitcase.

Cannabis Tinctures Aren’t Created Equally

Remember, though cannabis is legal in Colorado, you can’t fly with it, even if you’re going to another state where marijuana is legalized. Before you pack your tinctures, take a look at the label. Even one that says it’s CBD-heavy is not safe to fly with. The only option you have is pure CBD oil. Otherwise, it will be seized by the TSA. Remember, you can always play it safe and bring a small dose with you to ingest before you fly and leave the rest at home. The last thing you want to do is watch your bottle get tossed or confiscated when you’re on your way to a vacation.

If you’re getting ready to fly, stop by our dispensary and speak with a budtender about your options. They’ll help you find the right tincture or oil for your vacation to help you relax without worrying about a potentially illegal high. Learn more about our loyalty program online and take advantage of the savings now.