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Weed Shops in Denver Explain Why Marijuana Can Help Long-Distance Runners

April 18, 2018

When you think of marijuana, you probably think of smoking and the occasional coughing fit that happens after a big hit. While the coughing spells are certainly common, they don’t automatically discount the benefits weed has on your body. In fact, many athletes are discovering that incorporating weed from their local Denver dispensaries into their workout routine has a number of positive effects that improve their fitness regimen. Long-distance runners, in particular, may benefit from incorporating cannabis into their workout and recovery routines. Here’s how.

Cannabis Reduces Pain

While running short sprints or a few miles each day may only lead to muscle stiffness or soreness, distances over ten miles repeated multiple times each week can cause your muscles to hurt. Not only will you be battling the expected muscle fatigue, but you’ll also deal with minor muscle strains multiple times throughout the training season. Marijuana helps reduce pain and makes getting back to training far easier and faster.

Decreases Inflammation

For years, medical marijuana users have been relying on cannabis to treat the symptoms of chronic inflammation. Since ultra-runners and long-distance runners put incredible strain on their muscles throughout training and races, it’s only natural that those muscles would start to swell up. Both THC and CBD are effective at reducing inflammation, so you can avoid using THC if you’re worried about pre-race drug tests or other health screenings. Remember, CBD does not typically result in a positive drug screening, making it safe for most competitive athletes to incorporate into their regimens. When used properly, this can help decrease recovery times and get you back on your feet in less time.

Works Without Increasing Lung Irritation

Breathing properly can make all the difference in a long-distance runner’s time in a race. While smoking is the most common way of ingesting marijuana, it’s far from the only way. In fact, tinctures, edibles, and even topical treatments all deliver the same THC and CBD content as you’d get from smoking. Though these items may take longer to kick in, they do so without increasing lung irritation, making them ideal for athletes concerned about their performance and those who suffer from upper-respiratory conditions like asthma and allergies.

It’s Not a Performance-Enhancing Drug

Unfortunately, some professional athletes have made a habit of using performance-enhancing drugs like steroids and testosterone. Though these drugs are legal when prescribed by a medical doctor, they’re still forbidden and tested for by many sports agencies as they’re considered to give athletes an unfair advantage. Both marijuana and CBD are not classified as performance-enhancing drugs, reducing the chances that they’ll be tested for in standard competitions. Keep in mind that some sports organizations may still ban the use of marijuana for their athletes, most marathons and running competitions in the state of Colorado do not have such restrictions.

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