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Help Your Guests Enjoy Their Weedcation With These Tips From the Best Dispensary In Denver

May 9, 2018

Colorado residents have the wonderful ability to enjoy marijuana without worrying about legal ramifications. For many people, this means an influx of out-of-town guests looking to experience the joys of a legal high. While letting your visiting friends and family smoke a bowl in your home is a great way to start, why not take them out on the town and give them a taste of a weed-cation they’ll never forget? Here are a few tips to help ensure that your guests have a great time, whether they’re visiting your favorite Denver dispensary or hitting up other legal establishments.

Make Sure They Understand The Regulations

We get it—when out-of-state visitors think of Colorado, they often picture themselves walking down the street smoking a joint without worry. While weed is welcome in private homes and 420-friendly lodging, it’s still not allowed on the street out in the open. Though your guests won’t get arrested, they may be fined if an officer decides to enforce the regulations. Before taking them to a dispensary, make sure they understand that discretion is still best.

Watch Them Around Edibles

Edibles are delicious and great for people who want to change up their high. Unfortunately, some visitors make the mistake of overdoing their edible experience. Rather than eating a small portion of their treat of choice, they down the entire thing, resulting in a less-than-pleasant few hours. If you plan on serving edibles to your guests, make sure they start out slow. Explain to them that the high can take a while to kick in. If they’re still not feeling anything in half an hour, they can take another bite.

Avoid Mixing Booze and Weed

Colorado’s Front Range is well known as a haven for craft breweries. While your guests may seem keen on drinking and smoking, try to avoid it. While you may have a tolerance for the altitude, many out-of-town guests do not. This means that a single drink may make them feel drunk and when that’s compounded with marijuana, it might just make the afternoon a bit less enjoyable. By all means, take them on a brewery tour—just encourage them to save the pot for when they’re back home.

Schedule Weed-Based Activities

Smoking is all well and good, but if you really want to show your guests a great time, help them explore the broader world of cannabis. Schedule a pot tour that takes them behind the scenes at grow rooms or take a cannabis cooking class where you can all learn how to make delicious edibles on your own. These events are a fantastic way to bond with your friends and possibly even learn something about the Denver marijuana industry that you didn’t already know!

Whether you’re entertaining friends or hosting your family members that are interested in trying marijuana for the first time, Altitude Dispensary is here to help. Our budtenders will help your visitors find the perfect products to delight their senses and their taste buds. Check out our current specials online and stop by one of our three locations today!