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Denver Dispensary Shares Camping Tips For Getting High

May 23, 2018

With Memorial Day around the corner, summer feels like it’s almost here and that means it’s time to hit the trails and camp out under the stars. While taking weed from your favorite Colorado dispensaries may seem like a no-brainer, doing so will require a bit of caution. Remember, marijuana is not legal to use outside of your private home or in a designated and licensed smoking facility. That means you could get in trouble at the campground. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re wanting to light up around the campfire.

Be Aware of Fire Hazards

Hiking in the woods exposes you to nature, but it also puts nature at risk. When the grass is dry, it can catch fire easily. Before you light up, make sure you’re aware of any burn restrictions in the area. Even a single spark from a joint or a pipe can start a grass fire, putting you and others in the area at risk. As a general rule, don’t smoke if there’s a burn ban. Stick to vape pens or edibles and leave your pipe at home.

Stay Mindful of Others

Unfortunately, not everyone likes cannabis—and that’s completely okay. But that does mean when you’re out in public, even deep in the woods, you need to respect others’ opinions. If you’re camping out in the middle of the woods, you’re probably fine to enjoy your favorite strain. However, if you’re camping in a large campground shared with multiple tents, it’s best to stay discrete. You can still get high, but you’ll want to do so without smoke. Edibles are the perfect solution for minimizing the smell of pot and ensuring that families sharing the great outdoors with you will not be offended by your cannabis use.

Pack Enough Water

Whether you’re hiking during the day or simply lounging around the tent, you’ll likely need more water than you would if you were at home. Make sure you pack enough water with you to stay hydrated. Most adults need at least half a gallon of water each day and when you’re spending the night under the stars, that amount will likely be higher. Besides, drinking plenty of water will help reduce the risk of cottonmouth and throat irritation when you’re also battling allergies and exposure to dirt and dust.

Avoid Smoking Before You Camp

If you’re hiking to a campsite, it’s best to do it sober. This will allow you to pick the best campsite in the woods with a clear head so you can better enjoy getting high under the stars. Nothing is more frustrating than struggling to pitch a tent when you’re stoned. Wait until you’re set up and settled in before enjoying your weed.

Camping and getting high are two of Colorado’s major past times. Before you head out on the trail, stop by Altitude Dispensary and pick up the supplies you need to make your high as great as possible. Not sure what goes best with your s’mores and hot dogs? Our budtenders are happy to make a few recommendations.