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3 Delicious Ways to Use Cannabutter From Your Denver Dispensary

May 30, 2018

When it comes to enjoying edibles, you have plenty of choices from the best dispensaries in Denver. However, after a while, eating the same goodies can start to get boring, even if you try to switch it up week after week. There’s no better way to satisfy your craving for high-quality THC-packed treats like making some yourself and the key to making great-tasting goodies is using cannabutter. Whether you make it yourself or buy a premade cannabis-infused butter, use it to create these wonderful recipes that will satisfy your munchies without the sugar-rush of many commercially available edibles.

Mac and Cheese

There’s something wonderfully satisfying about chowing down on a large bowl of mac and cheese when you’re high, but making pot mac and cheese will let you enjoy the taste of America’s favorite pasta dish and the high without smoking. Grab a box of your favorite shells and cheese. Boil the pasta until the noodles are al dente—the added chew is fantastic and makes the bowl last just a bit longer. Once the pasta is done, drain the noodles and set them off to the side. Mix the cheese sauce according to the directions, pour the noodles back into the pot with the cheese sauce and stir. Keep the stove on low heat to ensure the dish stays warm. Once everything is up to temperature, add a dollop of your cannabutter to the pasta and stir well. Top your mac and cheese with a bit of shredded cheese or grated parmesan and, voila!


Popcorn is an absolute must for late-night munchies, but when your high starts to wear off, you may not always want to reach for the pipe or bong. Instead, kill two birds with one stone: satisfy your munchies and reestablish your high by eating cannabutter popcorn! Make your popcorn using your preferred method. We prefer stovetop, but if you’re looking for convenience, use the microwave. Then, melt your cannabis butter in a microwave-safe dish for about 30 seconds. Once the butter has melted, pour it over your popcorn and stir the kernels to spread the butter over the entire bowl.

Baked Potatoes

If you’re looking for a dish that will fill you up without loading on the calories, a baked potato is your best bet. These puppies can be baked well in advance and stored in the fridge for a few days until you’re ready to chow down. All you need to do is heat them up—a minute or two in the microwave is usually enough—and top them with the ingredients of your choice. Just make sure to add a liberal amount of cannabutter both for flavor and effect to the dish.

Edibles are a great alternative to smoking, but you’ll still need high-quality bud to make your own goodies in the comfort of your kitchen. At Altitude Dispensary, our experienced budtenders will help you find the perfect  strain for your tastes and your dish. Stop by one of our three locations today!