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What Causes Shatter from Your Denver Dispensary to Go Bad?

July 11, 2018

Concentrates are becoming an increasingly popular product at many Denver marijuana dispensaries. However, since they’re still a relatively new product for many smokers, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding how long the products will last in your stash. While concentrates will eventually go bad, losing their potency and changing consistency, there are a few things that speed up that degradation process. Here’s what you need to know so you can better preserve your stash and keep those concentrates in top condition as long as possible.

Exposure to Air Causes Loss of Potency

You’ve likely heard that storing any type of pot product in an airtight container will extend its life and the same holds true for concentrates of all varieties. Storing concentrates in parchment paper is fine if you plan on using them within a few days. However, the parchment paper allows air to reach the concentrate, causing it to lose potency and oxidize. When left exposed to oxygen for an extended time, you’ll be left with a concentrate that barely carries any amount of high. Instead, transfer your concentrate immediately. This will extend its life significantly.

Light Alters the Structure

When you purchase shatter, you expect a glass-like amber sheet. However, when that concentrate is exposed to light, the UV rays cause the molecular structure to break down, leaving you with a pile of what looks like amber-colored sugar. While the concentrates can still be used in this stage, they’re less far less potent. If you have to keep your shatter in a clear container, make sure it’s kept out of direct sunlight. Storing it in a closet, dresser drawer, and even the refrigerator can offer enough protection to extend the life of the shatter.

Heat Makes Things Murky

Though light and heat often go together, they impact shatter in different ways. When stored in a warm cabinet or kept close to computers and electronics, the shatter will start to get murky or cloudy. While this does not mean the concentrate is bad and cannot be used, it does mean that it’s losing potency quickly. You’ll still get high, but the high will be far less powerful and the benefits of the cannabis will likely have degraded significantly. If your house is particularly warm, especially during Denver’s often hot summers, it’s best to store the shatter in your freezer. Just make sure you wrap the concentrate in parchment paper to absorb moisture and seal it in a freezer-safe bag.
When stored properly, concentrates will last up to several months without breaking down or losing potency. While proper storage is key, it’s far easier to simply buy an amount you know you’ll use quickly. This way, you’ll avoid the dreaded potency loss and always have a concentrate that’s well worth the smoking. Stop by one of Altitude Dispensary’s three locations today and refresh your stash with new and potent concentrates today. Our budtenders will help you find a shatter that will exceed your expectations and give you the high you deserve.