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Denver Dispensary Team Shares Ways to Stay Entertained at DIA While High

August 2, 2018

Summer is the time for vacations and that means millions of people will be flocking to DIA to catch a flight out of town. Though vacations are fun, traveling can be stressful, even if you don’t suffer from anxiety. Using pot from the best dispensary in Denver may help you relax when taken before heading to the airport. But that leaves many stoners with a tough decision: what to do at DIA when you’re stoned to pass the time? Here are a few fantastic distractions that are sure to make the wait for your vacation far more enjoyable while allowing you to embrace the wonderful euphoria of a great strain of weed.

Check Out the Shops

Nothing passes the time like browsing at brightly colored knickknacks and souvenirs and if you’re visiting friends out-of-state, you may want to pick up a couple items as gifts. If you’re feeling ambitious, stop by one of the newsstands or bookstores and pick up a new novel to distract you from your anxiety on your flight. You can always lose yourself in a good book for a few hours!

Grab a Bite to Eat

There are dozens of food stands spread throughout the airport. Satisfy your sweet tooth by indulging in a milkshake from your favorite fast food chain or keep it healthy by munching on a salad. You’ll have the luxury of choosing between grab and go snacks or a sit-down restaurant if you have the time. Even when you’re stoned, feeling like you’re just out for a bite of lunch can help alleviate anxiety and calm your nerves.

Look At Art

Unlike many of our nation’s airports that feature boring advertisements on the walls, Denver International Airport is home to an extensive art collection that’s almost ever-changing. Browse the changing exhibits at the Jeppesen Terminal. As you walk through the B gates, inspect the floor for 21st century artifacts just beneath your feet. If you’re flying out of one of the C gates, spend some time admiring the indoor garden at the core of the terminal right above the train doors.

Admire the View

Luckily, the gates at DIA are filled with large picture windows and nothing is more relaxing than admiring the view of Denver from the comfort of a climate-controlled room. And watching the planes land safely may help you relax before your flight. Take a seat close to your gate and enjoy the view out the window. If you need a change of scenery, simply move a few gates down and look at things from a new perspective.

If you’re looking to get high before your flight and stay that way while in the air, your best bet is to enjoy some edibles before you leave your house. Stop by Altitude Dispensary and pick up some delicious treats that are sure to get you high while satisfying your craving for something sweet. Check out our current menu and swing by one of our three convenient Denver locations today.