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3 Ways Pot Helps You Study

September 5, 2018

Most people think of marijuana as a way to escape the stress and pressures of daily life. While there’s no denying that smoking a bowl or pre-rolled joint from the best dispensary in Denver will help you take the edge off after a long day, cannabis is good for far more. In fact, many people have seen great success in their academic career by regularly smoking or imbibing weed. Wondering how pot can help you be a better student? Here are a few ways your favorite strain might make studying easier.

Turns Up Your Creativity

If you’re writing a paper or even starting an outline for the thesis for your Master’s degree, you need every ounce of creativity you can muster. Unfortunately for many people, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details, forcing you to overthink and struggle to put words on the page. Marijuana can help you relax, allowing your mind to more freely come up with creative ideas and angles that you otherwise might have missed. Brainstorming new ideas will make writing your paper far easier and may even give you a creative edge that helps you stand out from the crowd when your professor reads what you’ve written.

Sleep Comes More Easily

Many people turn to marijuana as a sleep aid. Few things are as important as a good night’s rest when you’re a student, especially if you’re a working student or adult learner balancing a full-time job with your classes. By enjoying your favorite cannabis infused products, you might see an improvement in your sleep quality and may even fall asleep faster. Remember, getting eight hours of sleep is considered ideal and the more well-rested you are, the better you’ll be able to focus on your schoolwork.

Reduces Stress

Stress has a way of interfering with the ability to focus and concentrate. When you’re studying, concentration is key. If you’re constantly worrying about that upcoming test or pressures at work or with roommates, it can keep you from studying successfully altogether. However, when you’re relaxed and less stressed, your mind is free to focus on the task at hand, whether that’s writing a long paper, reading a boring textbook, or preparing to lead a discussion in class. Just take care not to get so high that it automatically puts you to sleep. It may be helpful to stick to sativa-heavy strains or dose small amounts by using edibles instead of smoking.

School might not be easy, but that doesn’t mean that studying needs to be a challenge. With the right strain, your smoke sesh might help improve your focus and make studying less of a chore. If you’re looking to try a new strain or want to explore some sativa-heavy products to give you a more wakeful high, stop by Altitude Dispensary today. We’ll help you find the right strain for your needs, whether you want to relax or want a more active high that is conducive to studying.