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Denver Weed Shops Share Great Video Games to Play While High

September 12, 2018

Getting high may be a great way to unwind at the end of the day, but just lounging on the couch and watching TV gets old fast. Video games are a great way to change up the experience without forcing you to think too hard about what you’re doing. Depending on the type of strain you buy at the best dispensary in Denver, your high will either be more active or more relaxing. This can influence the types of games that are the most fun for your high. Here are a few game options to consider in order from most active high to most relaxed.

Open-World Games

Open-world games are ideal for active highs as they require creativity and allow you to explore your surroundings without being bound to a particular quest or goal. The Elder Scrolls series, particularly Skyrim, is ideal for smokers looking for a true adventure game. You’re free to play as a thief, warrior, mage, or even assassin and have complete control over where you go in the game. There’s no time limit to complete the main quest line and many of the side quests are easier to complete when you can think outside the box. If you’re a Nintendo fan or prefer less realistic gameplay, opt for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The graphics are brightly colored and it’s almost impossible to run out of adventures to tackle.

Classic Side-Scrollers

For those highs between active and relaxed, side-scrollers are the perfect game and are available both online and for multiple consoles. Classic titles like Super Mario Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and Donkey Kong all offer simple gameplay that still challenges your skills. Your reflexes need to be sharp, but the short levels make it easy to hold your attention as you progress throughout the game. Best of all, the simple graphics keep you from getting distracted by the elements of the game. You can still progress to new levels even when you’re really high.

Old-School Arcade Games

If consoles are not your thing and you prefer computer games, break out the old-school classic arcade options. Games like Pong, Pac-Man, and even Tetris are a great choice for indica-heavy highs. The gameplay is simple, but fun. Whether you’re an arcade enthusiast or simply want to try something new, these options will help you keep your mind occupied without making you thin too hard about the goal of the game. Think of it as a type of meditation—you’re free to zone out, but you’ll have something to focus on to keep you from spending yet another afternoon catching up on your Netflix queue. After all, there are only so many B movies you can watch before the plots start to get boring.

Video games are the perfect activity for those long cannabis-filled afternoons. If you’re looking for a great strain to accompany your game collection, stop by one of Altitude Dispensary’s three locations today. We’ve got everything you need to experience a great high, whether you’re looking for a new pipe or simply want to pick up a few edibles for the weekend.