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4 Fun Creative Crafts For an Entertaining Smoke Sesh

September 26, 2018

Getting high is a great way to relax, but for many people, weed from their favorite weed shops in Denver gets the creative juices flowing. When the urge to get crafty hits, sitting still and watching a movie can be boring beyond words. Instead of trying to suppress those creative urges after smoking, embrace them! Here are a few fun ideas to feed your creativity and let you relive those fun moments from your childhood at the same time.

Grab a Coloring Book

Remember all those coloring books you went through as a kid? Nothing was more fun and satisfying than breaking out the crayons and adding bright colors to a pre-drawn design. While those simple designs you loved as a kid might be a bit too easy now, there are hundreds of adult coloring books designed to feed your creative side without taxing your mind. There are even several cannabis-themed coloring books available!

Play with Legos

Lego kits are a great hands-on way to occupy your mind when you’re high. They’re available at almost every drug store, toy store, and big-box retailer and range from incredibly simple to maddeningly difficult. Before your next smoke sesh, stock up on a few kits and keep your hands and your mind moving. By the end of your high, you’ll have the satisfaction of seeing how much you’ve accomplished. Best of all, there’s a kit for almost every interest from basic architecture to complex space ships inspired by your favorite sci-fi shows.

Decorate Your Gear

Why not be practical while you’re creative and decorate your smoking accessories? This will help you keep track of which gear is yours when friends bring their own over and pile it on the coffee table. All you need is a bit of craft glue, glitter, puff paint, and some imagination. The possibilities are endless. Write your name on your gear bag with neon puff paint. Cover the top of your grinder with a light layer of craft glue and sprinkle a hefty amount of glitter on the top.

Decorate Cookies

What better way to enjoy a creative high than decorating delicious sugar cookies? For this craft, you’ll want to stock up on icing or make your own ahead of time. Add food coloring to make several brightly colored options and get to work. As a general rule, bake the cookies before you’re stoned and let them cool completely. Otherwise, the icing will melt off the cookie before you get the chance to take your first bite.

No matter what crafty or creative idea you decide to try, it’s guaranteed to be more fun when you’re high. Before sitting down and letting your imagination run wild, stop by Altitude Dispensary and pick up some fresh bud to get the most out of each hit. Our budtenders will help you find the perfect strain to bolster your creativity and let you keep an active mind while crafting. Check out our current menus and stop by one of our three convenient locations today.