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Denver Dispensary Shares the Best Edibles to Enjoy During Your Movie Binge

October 24, 2018

As the days get colder, staying inside and streaming your favorite movies is the perfect way to spend an afternoon. Before you settle into the couch with the remote in hand, you’ll want to prepare some delicious edibles to make those movies even more entertaining. With so many options, what edibles should you incorporate into your movie day? Your favorite dispensaries in Denver share some fun and delicious treats to make before you sink into the couch. 

Cannabutter Popcorn

What goes better with movies than a delicious bowl of  buttered popcorn? While microwave popcorn will work just fine, it’s best to choose a plain unbuttered and unsalted bag. Purchase cannabis-infused butter from your favorite dispensary or make some yourself at home. Melt about two tablespoons of butter in the microwave after popping the popcorn. Once it’s melted, pour the butter over the kernels and toss the kernels in the butter to evenly coat them. If you’re feeling really adventurous, elevate the popcorn by tossing some parmesan cheese and rosemary or Italian seasoning in the bowl.

Cannabis Soda

You’ll need a way to quench your thirst during your movie marathon. In addition to regular soda and beverages, stock up on some cannabis infused sodas. These carbonated drinks offer a low dose of marijuana so you can enjoy the entire soda in one sitting without feeling overly high. Just make sure to keep a water bottle handy—the last thing you want to do is battle dehydration while you’re high. 

Cookies, Brownies, and Cereal Treats

Pot-infused baked goods are the perfect way to get high and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time. Best of all, you can buy delectable baked goods at your local dispensary if you don’t feel up to making them yourself. However, if you feel like being industrious and making your own baked goods to…you know…help you get baked, try this delicious recipe. After all, nothing is better than a classic chocolate chip cookie when you’re craving something sweet. Just make sure to enjoy your baked goodies in moderation. If you’re wanting to really satisfy your cravings for sweets, make a batch of normal goodies, too. 

Keep Some Fruit on Hand

Unfortunately, edibles can leave you with a major case of dry mouth, just like smoking does. Keep your mouth feeling comfortable by keeping a steady supply of fruit on the table. Items like grapes, apples, and berries are the perfect choice as their juice can help quench thirst throughout your binge-a-thon. Best of all, you can eat as many handfuls as you want without indulging in a calorie-laden sugar bomb multiple times during the day. 

No matter what you plan on watching, make sure to stock up on your favorite pot products at Altitude Dispensary. We’ve got everything you need to make your movie marathon or binge-session a fun-filled and cannabis-infused experience. Check out our menus and stop by one of our three convenient locations today. Want to get the most bang for your buck? Join our loyalty program!