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Denver Dispensary Explains How to Clean Your Vape Pen

January 30, 2019

Starting the New Year off right doesn’t have to mean changing your diet or exercising more. In fact, your resolutions can be as simple as keeping your smoking gear clean and ready to use. If you’re like most people who frequent dispensaries in Denver, you know a lot about the types of pot you love to smoke. But if you don’t maintain your smoking gear properly, your favorite strains just won’t taste as good. Though cleaning a pipe or bong is simple enough, keeping your vape pen in good condition requires a bit more patience. Here are a few easy tips to help you keep your portable vaporizer working properly.

Gather Your Gear

Before you can start cleaning your vape pen, you’ll need to get your gear together. To clean the oily residue out of the pen, you’ll need a good supply of rubbing alcohol. Since the reservoirs of pens are inherently small, you’ll also need cotton swabs to thoroughly remove that residue. Once you have everything in place, get set up on the kitchen or bathroom counter. These areas are easy to clean up if the pen has tons of debris inside once you open it.

Heat the Pen Before Cleaning

It should come as no surprise that a warm vape pen will be easier to clean than a cool one. This is because the concentrates and debris soften under the heat, making them easier to remove. So, go ahead and have a quick hit or two to clear out the gunk!

Wipe Out the Reservoir

Before you get excited with the rubbing alcohol, clear out the reservoir around the wick. Make sure to only use a dry cotton swab. Getting moisture of any type, including rubbing alcohol, near the wick can severely damage your vape pen. 

Clear Out the Threads

Now that the buildup around the wick is cleaned out, start working on the threading around the device. To do this, dip the tip of a cotton swab into your rubbing alcohol and shake the excess off. Then, rub the swab along the threading until all residue is removed. Dry the pen thoroughly by letting the alcohol evaporate off on its own. Avoid using water as it can lead to rust and damage the components of your pen if the pen doesn’t dry fully before your next use. 

Get Rid of Gunk in the Mouthpiece 

Over months of use, it’s not uncommon for the mouthpiece of your vape pen to collect some debris and dirt. Luckily, it’s easy enough to clean. Run the mouthpiece under warm water in the sink and wash the gunk away. You can clean the exterior with a mild soap or use rubbing alcohol to get rid of any germs that might still be lingering on the surface. 

If your pen just isn’t worth cleaning, stop by one of our three locations and check out our full line of smoking gear to find a new device. We’ll make sure you find the right pen to heat your favorite concentrates to that perfect temperature time and time again.