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How to Avoid the Munchies with Help from Your Denver Dispensary

February 13, 2019

When you think about getting high, one thing probably comes to mind: the munchies. Sure, enjoying the way cannabis enhances flavors is an added benefit of your smoke sesh. But what happens if you don’t want to deal with increasing your caloric intake each day? Luckily, you can stop those munchies in their tracks even when you’re stoned on your favorite strain from the best dispensary in Denver. Here’s how:

Eat Before You Smoke
When you’re already hungry, the munchies will hit you hard. Keep the munchies to a minimum by eating before you smoke. If your stomach already has food in it, you’ll be less tempted to stuff your face with whatever goodies you’re craving. Just make sure to eat a healthy and filling meal beforehand. Try to incorporate lean proteins, fiber, and plenty of vegetables to keep you fueled up while you’re high.

Find Something to Entertain You
The more your mind has to focus on when you’re high, the less tempted you’ll be to reach for that bag of chips. After you smoke, find something to keep you entertained. This can be anything from movies and video games to hiking and gardening. Anything that keeps your mind on something other than food will do the trick.

Grab Some Gum
Half the time, the munchies are about the act of eating rather than the food itself. So, grab a stick of your favorite gum and get to chewing! You’ll still enjoy the blast of flavor you’d get from indulging in the munchies, but you won’t have to worry about hidden calorie bombs. Once the flavor is gone, pop another stick if needed. 

Drink Lots of Water
Cotton-mouth is by far the worst feeling after a great smoke session. And most people look to get rid of the feeling by eating whatever snacks they have on hand. Instead, reach for a glass of water. The more hydrated you are, the less cotton-mouth you’ll feel. As an added bonus, drinking tons of water will keep your stomach full, making you less likely to want that bowl of popcorn. 

Eat the Right Foods
If you do need to eat something, make sure you have the right foods on hand. Stock up on veggies and healthy dips like hummus. Make salads full of your favorite veg beforehand and leave them in the fridge for easy access. Satisfy your sweet tooth with fresh fruit like apples, melons, grapes, and berries. If you cut down on the junk food in your house before you smoke, you’ll get rid of temptation and make it easier to satisfy your munchies with healthy foods. 

Buying the right cannabis strain will make your smoke sesh more enjoyable. But it’s up to you to find ways to stay healthy and eat right even when the munchies are in full swing. Use these tips to help you avoid endless snacking while you’re high and stock up on quality bud and smoking accessories at one of our three convenient locations. The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to keep the munchies at bay.