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Make Your Hygge House Cannabis Friendly with These Tips from Your Denver Dispensary

February 20, 2019

Stoners and cannabis users have an undeserved reputation for being lazy, slob-like, and living in squalor. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just because we like to relax doesn’t mean we can’t take care of our homes and ourselves. We just like to keep it simple. And nothing does simple like hygge. This Norwegian concept focuses on creating a simple but cozy environment that fosters relaxation and promotes happiness. And there’s a way to make it jive with your marijuana use. Here are a few great tips from your trusted weed shops in Denver.

Make Use of Textures
Nothing says “cozy” like plush pillows, blankets, and rugs. But that doesn’t mean you need to choose bulky items. Instead, pick accents that offer a variety of textures. Pick up some throw pillows that you enjoy looking at and touching. When you’re high, those accents can make all the difference. Remember, being high elevates your senses of taste, touch, and to an extent, eyesight. If you find the textures interesting when you buy them, you’ll LOVE them when you’re high.

Create a Designated High Lounge
If you have space, create a designated smoking, vaping, or cannabis-using spot. And go all out! This area should be about relaxing and feeling comfortable. Use this as a place to unwind and avoid using it for anything else. You can create the same type of area even if you’re short on space. You just have to get creative. Add removable items like throws, pillows, artwork, and decorations. You can set these items up when you’re about to begin a smoke sesh.

Take Tea When You’re High
Smoking and hydration go hand in hand. And nothing helps hydrate you the Hygge way like a quality herbal tea. No, we’re not talking about that kind of herb…we mean teas like chamomile, hibiscus, tulsi, and other caffeine-free teas. These all have great flavor and help you relax while stimulating your taste buds. Not a tea fan? Try hot cocoa, cider, or your other favorite warm beverage. Decaf coffee works just as well.  Let your high self savor the flavors and experience the taste of each sip. 

Set the Tone with Lighting
The right lighting can make any space feel cozy and relaxing. Toss some twinkle lights up on the wall, add a few candles to the coffee table, and dim the lamps. Soft yellow light makes any space feel warmer and can help you relax and unwind with a joint in hand. If you’re getting high during daylight hours, open the windows and turn off the artificial light. Remember, harsh light can actually be stressful and make you feel more on edge, even if you’re high. 

Hygge is a way of life and can be relaxing on its own. But it’s made better with high-quality cannabis. Stop by one of our three locations and pick up your favorite Indica or Sativa-dominant strains. We’ve got everything you need to enjoy your high while you enjoy your Hygge living space at home.