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Summer Road Trip Tips from Your Denver Dispensary

April 3, 2019

Summer is the perfect season for taking a road trip through Colorado. And since weed is legal, we know you’ll be bringing your favorite cannabis from the best dispensary in Denver. Though you’re free to travel throughout the state, we want you to be safe while you enjoy everything Colorado has to offer. Here are a few simple tips to help you make the most of your summer road trip this year. 

Don’t Drive While High
Believe it or not, using any THC-containing cannabis product before getting behind the wheel can earn you a DUI. That’s right…driving while high counts as driving under the influence! The best thing you can do is commit to only driving while sober. You can light up once you reach your destination! Alternatively, you can travel with a buddy and take turns being the designated driver. Besides, road trips are always more fun with friends!

Keep Your Stash Away from the Driver’s Seat
This is good advice no matter what kind of substance you’re hauling, be it a case of craft beer or your favorite weed. Give the police no reason to question your sobriety when you’re driving, especially if you’re driving with fragrant bud. Stick your stash in the trunk with your luggage. In Colorado, weed has to be in plain sight and in an unsealed container to warrant police action. If it’s in the trunk, you won’t have to worry about whether you opened the pack last night.

Check Out the Local Dispensaries
When you’re at home, you have your go-to dispensary, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try new places when you’re travelling. You might just find products to recommend to your local dispensary! So, plan it out. Make note of dispensaries in the area and stop by when you have a minute. This way, you won’t have to worry about running out of your favorite product on the road and if you break your pipe, you’ll be able to find a replacement fast!

Stay in the State
Unfortunately, marijuana isn’t legal in most states and that includes the states surrounding Colorado. When planning your road trip, make sure you’re keeping your travels behind state lines. Any cannabis product is illegal when you cross the border. Worse, you could end up facing drug trafficking charges, even if you’re using the weed for yourself. Stay within the state and if you decide to travel across state lines, leave your stash behind. Remember, it’s cheaper to toss and replace your stash than it is to pay the penalty for a felony drug charge.

Stock Up for Your Trip
When you’re planning your trip, remember to draw up a shopping list and head to your local dispensary. Stock up before you leave so you’ll have everything you need to enjoy your trip. At Altitude, we’ll make sure you leave our dispensary with everything you need to enjoy your high. Stop by one of our three locations and pick up the bud, tinctures, and edibles you need to make the most of your summer road trip.