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The Best Infused Beverages to Make with Weed from Your Denver Dispensary

April 17, 2019

Summer will be here before you know it and that means it’s only a matter of time until the warm temperatures become standard. With warmer weather comes the need for summer-inspired treats and drinks to help you stay cool. Sure, sipping an icy concoction on a warm summer afternoon is a great way to beat the heat, but you know what makes it even more enjoyable? Turning that beverage into a cannabis-infused elixir! The best dispensary in Denver is here to help. Here are a few great drinks to try once the weather warms up.

Homemade High Lemonade
Nothing says “summer” like a homemade lemonade. And this recipe is incredibly easy to make and make ahead. Combine water, your favorite bud, and sugar in a pot and heat it to a low boil. This will turn into a cannabis-infused simple syrup. Then, squeeze the juice from your favorite lemons. We recommend Meyer lemons for their distinct taste. Squeeze until you have one cup of lemon juice. Combine the lemon juice with 6 cups of water and about one cup of the cannabis-infused simple syrup. Mix well, serve over ice, and enjoy!

Staying hydrated in Colorado is always important, but when the temps rise, you’ll need to reach for a water bottle waaaayyy more often. So, why not make it cannabis-infused water and hydrate while you get high? This is one of the easiest recipes to make. Take your favorite concentrate or tincture—flavored ones are a great way to change up the taste of your water. Add your preferred number of drops to 8 ounces of water and shake thoroughly. Chill in the fridge or serve over ice for a delicious cannabis-infused hydration bomb! If you prefer juices and other flavored beverages, add your favorite tincture to them and pop ‘em in the freezer in an ice tray. In a few hours, you’ll have delicious cannabis-infused popsicles ready to go!

Pot-Enhanced Milk
I know what you’re thinking…pot and milk? Really? But hear me out. Pot-infused milk is a great way to liven up your milkshakes, that morning bowl of cereal, afternoon cups of coffee, and anything else you can think of. TO make it, put your favorite bud and a few cups of milk in a double boiler. Don’t have one? Check out this article to learn how to make one without rushing to the store. Then, simmer the milk and cannabis for about 40 minutes. Make sure not to boil it. If the mixture gets too thick, add more milk as needed. Once it’s done, let it cool and strain out the weed and chill the milk in the fridge. 

Cannabis-infused beverages are the perfect way to beat the summer heat and enjoy your high without having to light up. But you’ll still need to stock up on your favorite weed. Stop by one of our three locations and pick up some fresh bud today. Not sure what you want for your cannabis-infused beverages this summer? Don’t hesitate to ask our budtenders!