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Brewery Hopping While High What Denver Dispensary Wants You to Know

April 24, 2019

Denver is home to some of the nation’s best craft breweries and nestled right along the brewery corridor. And with marijuana being legal, it’s only natural for people to want to mix both weed and alcohol. But before you do, your favorite weed shops in Denver want to make sure you do it safely. Here are a few tips to help you make sure you enjoy the experience without hurting yourself or others.

Go Easy
Denver isn’t called the “Mile-High” city for nothing…we sit an elevation of 5280 feet above sea level. That means it’s easy for booze and pot to affect you. And if you’re travelling from out of town, this can take you by surprise. When planning out your brewery hops, make a mental note to go easy on the booze and cannabis. Start out with a single hit and let it mellow. If you feel high, ride that wave without taking another hit. And when you’re at the brewery, sip that elixir…don’t chug it. 

Plan Your Route
Getting high in an unfamiliar place is exciting, but it can be confusing. That’s why it’s always helpful to plan your route before you leave the house. Program it into your phone, highlight the route on a map, or jot it down on a notepad that fits in your pocket. This way, you’ll be sure to hit up all the breweries you’re wanting to even if you’re dealing with a bit of a brain fog from that bowl you had before you left home.

Find a Designated Driver
Seriously…we can’t stress this enough. Always find a designated driver or make a plan to have someone get you where you need to go safely. If you’re travelling with a group and you’re all planning on indulging, split the cost of an Uber or Lyft ride. You can also make use of Denver’s public transportation system. No matter what you do, don’t get behind the wheel stoned, buzzed, tipsy, or drunk. The cops will catch you and you’ll end up facing a DUI charge. 

Don’t Smoke in Public
Pot may be legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s legal to consume it wherever you want. In fact, smoking in public places is still against the law. You’re only allowed to smoke in a 420-friendly establishment or on private property with the owner’s permission. That means you’re not going to be able to light up a joint right outside the brewery. So, if you’re going to get high before sampling the best beer Denver has to offer, smoke before you leave the house. And if you do decide to indulge in public, do so with caution. No one wants to get a ticket when they’re out enjoying themselves!

Weed and beer can go together as long as you enjoy them responsibly. And that means being aware of what you’re doing and taking the necessary precautions. Use your common sense, follow the law, and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations at your local dispensary. We’re from here and are happy to share our favorite breweries, coffee houses, and restaurants with you!