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4 Tips for Visiting Your First Denver Dispensary

May 9, 2019

Heading to your first dispensary is exciting, but if you’ve never been to one before, it’s normal to be a little nervous. After all, it’s hard to overcome years of social conditioning and thinking that buying marijuana is questionable behavior. The truth is, buying marijuana is nothing to be ashamed of or nervous about. You just need to familiarize yourself with a few basics before you head to the best dispensary in Denver. Here’s what you need to know. 

Have Your ID Ready
No matter how young or young at heart you look, you should always be ready to get carded. This is because in-state purchasers can buy more weed at once than tourists and the dispensary needs to know where you’re from just as much as they need to know your age. Have your ID ready and within easy reach before you set foot inside the dispensary. This will speed up the check-in process and makes you look like a seasoned pro. 

Keep in mind that you may have to wait for a few minutes before you can go preview products. This is normal and doesn’t mean there’s a problem with your ID. We just like to keep the experience personal and working with a few people at once makes it easier.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions
When you’re new to visiting a dispensary, you’ll have a ton of questions. And they’ll cover everything from the products available to how to use your cannabis. Don’t be tempted to leave those questions until you get home. Google can only tell you so much. Instead, ask your budtender. There are no stupid questions and everyone has to start somewhere. We’d rather you leave feeling confident in your purchases than unsure about the things you bought. Don’t worry about sounding lame or like a newbie. We all have to start somewhere. 

Bring Cash With You
Unfortunately, the government has some pretty crazy restrictions on dispensaries and most of them can’t process credit card or debit card payments. Before you stop by, call ahead and find out what types of payment your dispensary accepts. Or you can avoid the hassle by having cash on hand. Every dispensary accepts cash no matter what you decide to purchase. As a general rule, you’ll want to stop by your bank’s ATM before you head out. This way, you’ll avoid paying any out-of-network fees, freeing up more funds to use towards your pot purchase.

Give Others Space at the Counter
Think of the dispensary as a pharmacy. People go for many reasons and they might not always be comfortable with others overhearing those reasons. Whenever possible, give other patrons space at the counter. Don’t sidle up next to them to look at products in a case—let your budtender bring the product to you. Respect others’ privacy and they’ll do the same for you.

Follow these simple tips and your first trip to the dispensary should be fast, fun, and productive. Not sure where to start? Stop by one of our three locations across the Denver metro area. We have everything you need to get started whether you’re an experienced toker or just want to experience a high in the Mile High City.