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Too Much of a Good Thing from Your Denver Dispensary: Understanding the Pot Whiteout and What to Do About It

June 12, 2019

If you smoke a lot, you’ve probably experienced the feeling of being too high. While smoking a strain heavy in CBD can help mitigate the effects of THC, it’s still possible to overdo it. And when you have too much of a good thing, you run the risk of experiencing a whiteout. Think of this as the cannabis equivalent of getting blackout drunk. Unlike overindulging with alcohol, there aren’t any lasting effects. But there are ways to make the experience less uncomfortable. Here are a few tips to help so you can enjoy your products from your favorite weed shops in Denver without fear.

Know the Symptoms
The symptoms of a whiteout are, thankfully, easy to spot. Most people report feeling dizzy, incredibly drowsy, nauseous, weak, or any combination of those symptoms. In some rare cases, it is possible to lose consciousness. If you feel off or have a friend that looks like they’re going to be sick while smoking, stop smoking immediately. 

How to Mitigate the Symptoms
Unlike alcohol overdoses, cannabis whiteouts don’t last for an entire night. In fact, the symptoms often pass in as little as a few hours. But there are things you can do to get yourself back to feeling normal faster.

Find a Quiet Spot
Avoid loud noises, bright lights, and tons of activity. These can make dizziness worse and increase feelings of paranoia and overall discomfort. But a quiet space doesn’t have to mean a dark space. Just stick with a table lamp and keep things dim. 

Sip on Something Sweet
It’s thought that whiteouts are often triggered by a drop in blood sugar. The easiest way to boost your blood sugar quickly is to sip on soda, fruit juice, or sugar water. Sip slowly and make sure the fluids stay down. 

Just Relax
It’s easy to feel stressed and worried when you’re experiencing a whiteout. But letting your feelings of anxiety get the better of you can make the experience worse. Take a few deep breaths and see if you can calm yourself down. Put on some music, focus on the words of a TV show, or do something to get your mind off things. 

Use CBDs
If you have plain CBD on-hand (CBD tinctures, edibles, or concentrates work great), use it! CBD helps make severe highs more tolerable and might help you recover faster from the whiteout. Just make sure your CBD products don’t have THC. Otherwise, you’ll make the problem worse. 

Always Use Cannabis Responsibly
The best way to avoid a whiteout is to use your marijuana products responsibly. If you feel like you’re high, let the high mellow a bit before indulging in more. And always start with the smallest dose possible, especially if you’re using edibles. This will help you avoid overly intense highs and make sure you enjoy your experience every time. When you’re ready to stock up on new gear or replenish your stash, stop by one of our convenient locations in the Denver metro area.