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4 Fantastic Benefits of Buying Pre-Rolled Joints at Your Denver Dispensary

July 18, 2019

Medical and recreational marijuana have been used in Colorado for a while now. In fact, more than 15 percent of the population admits to using cannabis at least occasionally. With so many people using, it’s given us a chance to see what’s popular, what people love, and what smokers look for time and time again. The answer: a joint. The humble joint is a convenient entry into the world of cannabis, but you don’t have to roll them yourself. Here are a few reasons to buy pre-rolled joints from your favorite weed shops in Denver.

Rolling Joints Is Hard
Though a joint may be the simplest smoking option, getting the perfect joint is far from easy. It takes practice and you will mess up a lot at the beginning. By buying pre-rolled joints from your favorite dispensary, you’ll spare yourself that frustration. Your joints will be perfect, the amount of pot inside is measured for consistency, and everything is prepared in a way that makes them super portable. 

Let’s You Try New Strains
Pre-rolled joints are available in different strains. When you buy marijuana, you’re stuck buying a certain amount at the counter. This makes it tough to experiment with different strains or to try new things consistently. With a pre-rolled joint, you’re able to sample new strains and see how you like them without committing to a bunch of bud. Nothing is worse than finding out that you’re not wild about the strain you buy only to discover that you bought too much. 

It Saves You Time
Sometimes, you just want to come home and light up. Packing a bowl, prepping your weed, or rolling a joint takes time. After a long day of work, that just won’t do. You need to relax, unwind, and take a deep breath to recover. With pre-rolled joints, the work is done for you. All you have to do is pick the show you want to watch, the food you want to eat, and locate your lighter. Once you’re settled, light up, toke up, and relax like you deserve. 

They’re Portable
Pre-rolled joints are packaged to make getting them home easy. You don’t have to worry about leakage or remember your rolling papers when you’re rushing out the door. Everything is inside, ready to light up. And if you’re planning on heading to a party or gathering, pre-rolled joints fit easily into your pocket. You don’t have to safely transport your bong or favorite glass pipe. As long as you have a lighter or a box of matches, you’re good to go.

At Altitude, our pre-rolled joints are sure to please. We take great pride in making sure every joint is tight, packed, and ready to go when you’re at the counter. Just ask your budtender and stock up on a classic that’s sure to give you the high you want without the hassle of preparing loose bud. And be sure to check out our loyalty rewards program. You’ll save money and have access to fantastic specials week after week.