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What to Do with Disposable Vape Cartridges from Weed Shops in Denver

August 21, 2019

In Colorado, we pride ourselves on being a green state. We have bike paths, emissions standards, and all sorts of regulations. But our recycling rate is startlingly low. Only 12 percent of the population actively recycles waste products. That means millions of pounds of waste end up in landfills when it could be recycled and properly disposed of. And though disposable vape pens from your Denver dispensary are a small part of the problem, they contribute to the landfill issue. They can’t be recycled easily, so what can you do to avoid contributing to this cannabis-related waste issue?

Ditch Disposable
Disposable cartridges are convenient, but they’re far from the only options out there. Instead of opting for a simple refill for a pen whose battery won’t last long anyway, invest in a refillable vape pen. These give you the freedom to choose way more concentrates than you’d find in pre-filled cartridges. And you have the added benefit of being able to wash the reservoir between concentrates so you never have to worry about contamination. Once the chamber’s empty, give it a good cleaning and refill it—no more waste, no more half-empty cartridges that won’t extract anymore.

Go Back to Basics
There’s nothing wrong with lighting up a bit of bud. It lets you savor the unique flavors of the strains you love and allows you to change strains by the bowlful. Yes, the experience might feel a bit harsher than you’d find with a vape, but there are things you can do. If you find pipes too harsh, try a water bong which helps filter the smoke before it hits your lungs. Add filters to your joints to keep things pure and smooth with each inhale. 

Dispose of the Pen Correctly
Unfortunately, Colorado doesn’t have a cartridge recycling program…yet. We hope they’re working on a way to curb the waste. But the state does provide hazardous materials recycling for the rest of the pen. Think of it this way: each disposable pen has a battery inside. That battery can leak when exposed to the elements in a landfill. This creates issues with the water supply, threatens the health of the ecosystem, and is just plain irresponsible. When disposed of correctly, waste management professionals recycle what they can and make sure the harmful chemicals inside the batteries get taken care of properly. This means no leaching and improved environmental safety.

Being eco-friendly as a toker doesn’t have to mean changing your smoking habits entirely. It just means you need to be smart about the products you use. Stay away from single-use disposable stuff and find ways to reuse the items you have. At Altitude, we’ve got tons of eco-friendly products that will get you high without contributing to the landfill issue facing Colorado. Stop by one of our three convenient locations and take advantage of our frequent flyer miles rewards program. We’ll help you save money so you can try new things more often and relax no matter what the week throws your way.