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5 Simple Tips from Your Denver Dispensary to Help You Reduce Weed Waste

October 29, 2019

We Coloradoans love our legal cannabis. In fact, we spend more than $1 billion on it each year. But a lot of that pot ends up getting wasted, even for careful smokers. Any pot that gets wasted is like throwing away your money. Though it’s incredibly common, there are a few things you can do to help you waste less cannabis from your favorite dispensaries in Denver. 

Don’t Fill Your Bowl
Is there anything more pleasing to look at than a perfectly packed bowl? We don’t think so either. But packing your bowl to the brim is one of the easiest ways to waste your weed. When you light up, the weed continues to smolder even when you’re not actively inhaling. The more it smolders, the more pot you waste. Instead of packing your bowl, fill it enough to use it quickly. If you want another hit or two, repack the pipe. 

Store It Right
When you buy weed, it seems dry and, to an extent, it is. Undried plant won’t light and burn right. But that doesn’t mean it’s completely dry. We’re all about getting the maximum amount of burn time out of each bud. That’s why we encourage you to store it correctly. If you let the bud dry out completely, it will burn faster. The faster it burns, the harder it is to get the same number of hits out of the same amount.

Clean Your Gear
Resin happens, but letting it build up in your gear can create major issues. As resin builds up, it can interrupt the airflow in your gear. When you inhale, it can make it harder to pull a hit. This then exposes your weed to needless burning and gives you an inadequate high at best. Take the time to clean your gear at least every month. The less resin you let collect, the less weed waste you’ll have. 

Keep Joints Small
It’s tempting to roll a fat joint every time you bust out the papers. But that just wastes your precious stash. Remember, joints keep burning and unless you plan on passing it around a group until everything is gone, you’ll just end up wasting the bud you love and no one wants that. Keep your joints on the smaller side. You’ll still get a great high, but you’ll only burn what you’ll actually use. 

Smoke Slow
You know the feeling that comes with getting too high and if you’re not careful, it’s easy to overdo it. Between reloading your bowl, give your high time to set in. See if you really even want to smoke more and if you do, go for it. But if you’re already high enough and you’re enjoying how you feel, save your weed for another day. Smoking more than you need is both unpleasant and wastes your stash.

We want your stash to last, but when the time comes to pick up a few new strains, don’t hesitate to stop by our dispensary. And remember to check out our loyalty program to save you money every time you shop.