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High in the Mountains: 4 Hiking Etiquette Tips from Weed Shops in Denver

November 5, 2019

In Colorado, we love to hike. And many of us love to do it with a little cannabis in our systems. It makes nature that much more beautiful and helps you unwind and disconnect from the stresses of daily life more quickly. With more than 20 great trails close to Denver, it’s easy to get out whenever you have a free moment. But what should you do if you choose to bring your favorite cannabis products with you? Believe it or not, there are some general rules you can follow that will make the experience better for both you and the people you share the trail with.

Be Mindful of Others Using the Trail
Smoking cannabis is nothing to be ashamed of, but not everyone enjoys the experience. Put yourself in their shoes. Have you ever gone on a hike only to walk right into a cloud of second-hand cigarette smoke? You probably didn’t like it and the same holds true for other trail users and cannabis. Not everyone will be comfortable with you lighting up a joint on your hike. If you see others on the trail or notice that the trailhead is packed with cars, consider holding off on the joint.

Pack It Out
You’ve probably seen the signs at the trail head that specifically say “no littering” or “pack it out.” While most people assume this refers to food waste, cans, and water bottles, it refers to all types of litter. That’s right…even those hemp-based rolling papers that say they’re biodegradable. It means the leftover bud, lighters, cannabis candy wrappers, and anything else that you introduced into the woods. No matter what you bring, take it home with you and dispose of it properly.

Know the Law
It may be legal in Colorado to enjoy weed in the comfort of your own home. But that doesn’t mean it’s legal in the woods. Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations in the county you’re hiking in before you decide to use cannabis while in nature. If a ranger finds you smoking or enjoying an edible, you could end up facing a hefty fine. Remember, it’s up to you to decide if the risk is worth it. If it’s not, wait until you get home to enjoy your cannabis products.

Know Where You’re Going
Before you light up, make sure you know which trail you’ll be on and the types of markers you need to look for to avoid getting lost. This is good practice for anyone hiking, but if you’re planning on getting high, it’s easy to lose track of what you were doing or the direction you’re supposed to head in. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the trail and if you feel like it might be too difficult, save the cannabis for a celebratory treat after you’re done working up a sweat.

At Altitude, your local Denver Dispensary,  we want you to stay safe and enjoy your cannabis products responsibly. Use common sense and be respectful of others on the trail and you should be fine.