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Denver Marijuana Dispensaries Share How to Spot a Fake Cannabis Vape Cartridge

November 26, 2019

Vaping may be one of the most popular alternatives to smoking bud, but it’s not always as safe as it might seem. With so much news coverage about vaping and the mysterious lung conditions that have been popping up, it’s important that you get your cartridges from weed shops in Denver rather than on the street. But what happens when you’re vaping at a friend’s house? How can you tell if the cartridge they have is safe or an illegal fake? Here’s what you need to know.

Find Out Info About the Brand
Street sellers are crafty and fake packaging and brand names have been popping up all over the country. Before you take a hit, get information on the brand. Do a quick internet search to see if the brand even exists and if it does, read up on the recent reviews. Remember, all legal cartridges are made by licensed companies that follow strict manufacturing protocols. If you can’t find the brand online or the website you do see looks unprofessional, just don’t use the cartridge. It’s better to play it safe. 

Check the Packaging
Fake brands aren’t the only thing popping up online—people are manufacturing counterfeits as well. These cartridges feature real logos, but the package design will likely be different from the ones you see in your local dispensary. The easiest tell-tale sign is to check for the THC warning label. These must be included on all legal cartridge packages by law and are a standard size and design on most products. If the package doesn’t have the label or the design looks different than you’re used to, don’t use the cartridge.

Pay Attention to the Ingredients
High-quality vape cartridges shouldn’t have any thickeners or strange ingredients you’re not already used to. Many counterfeits use low-grade thickeners including Vitamin E oil which could be a contributing factor to the increase in vaping lung disease. Since the exact cause of the lung disease has yet to be determined, steer clear of any ingredients you’re not comfortable with. Even if the cartridge isn’t a counterfeit, you should never have to worry about what you’re inhaling. 

Ask Where the Cartridge Came From
The best thing you can do is ask where your friend bought their cartridge. The right answer should be “at a dispensary.” If they tell you they bought it off a friend or picked it up on the street, don’t use it. There’s no way to verify whether the ingredients are safe or that you’re getting a cannabis cartridge in the first place. Dispensaries only carry brands they trust and have detailed information regarding their production process and the ingredients used. 

If you’re really worried about vaping, just don’t do it. There are tons of other products you can use that will help you relax and unwind, many of which don’t involve smoking or vaping at all. Ready to explore your options? Stop by your neighborhood dispensary in Denver today and pick up some high-quality bud, edibles, or tinctures.