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Things That Impact Your High from Denver’s Favorite Weed Shops

December 3, 2019

Is there anything better than lighting up a fresh bit of bud at the end of the day? We don’t think so either. And tons of people use marijuana to relax and unwind—about 15 percent of the adult population in Colorado, to be exact. But did you know that certain factors can impact the way your high feels when you light up? And, no, we’re not just talking about the type of strain you choose. 

Where You Light Up
Believe it or not, where you choose to get high can have a huge impact on the way your high feels. For example, if you light up in your living room where you typically feel relaxed after work, your high will likely be more relaxing. But if you light up in an place you’re not familiar with or in a situation where you feel anxious, your high will likely be filled with feelings of paranoia. 

How You Smoke
Vaping, dabbing, and smoking all get you high, but they do it to differing degrees of severity. For example, most people feel that their highs are more intense when they dab rather than light up a bowl. This is in part due to the concentration of cannabis in each method. If you’re looking for ways to control your high, stick with the method you use most. This way, you’ll recognize your limit faster and won’t have to worry about your smoking method changing the quality of your high. 

Your Tolerance
Yup…you guessed it…your tolerance plays a HUGE role in how your body processes each hit. If you smoke a lot, it’ll take a lot more before you feel high. And the less you smoke, the less you need to reach that wonderful level of relaxation you’re looking for. 

Tolerances can change based on whether you’ve eaten before smoking, medications you’re on, and even how much sleep you get. But if you find yourself struggling to get high without smoking an entire bowl or two, take a week off. Once you stop using regularly, your tolerance decreases. Of course, you can always change things up by trying a stronger strain or dabbing. 

Your Age
This one comes as a bit of a surprise, but your age may influence the type of high you have. When you’re younger, your body is better able to process cannabis, making even intense highs relatively enjoyable. But as you get older, you may find it harder to tolerate the same amount of pot you used to. This can result in the typical feelings of paranoia, anxiety, intense munchies, and cottonmouth. 

It’s normal for your high to change over time, even if you’re smoking the exact same strain. Don’t panic if things feel different from day to day. Check in with yourself and see what happened differently before you started your smoking sesh. If the strain you’re currently using no longer works for you, stop by one of our three Denver area dispensary locations and pick up some new bud and products and see if they work better.