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THC Infused Drinks 101: The Basics

December 11, 2019

Many users prefer not to smoke because of health and personal reasons. Smoking marijuana can be uncomfortable for some people’s respiratory systems and is also quite odiferous, particularly when smoking marijuana plant. Marijuana infused drinks have become an increasingly tasty way of consuming cannabis in a smoke-free, odor-free fashion. These drinks come in a variety of flavors and are available to both medical and recreational users. The simple process to ingest and partake in a drink as opposed to smoking or vaporizing appeals to people due to the familiar nature and dilution of the smell or flavor of cannabis.

In addition, THC drinks are a great alternative way to consume the drug surreptitiously,  without drawing unwanted attention. Infused beverages are also often recommended to first-time users who want to ease into the effects of THC while enjoying the familiar taste of flavored sodas. Packaging now allows easy dosage and recommended serving sizes. 

Cannabis Tinctures Explained

Weed drinks are technically described as “tinctures” —elixirs containing a dissolved drug inside of them. Tinctures have long been known to offer those who consume them a variety of beneficial properties, like aiding in the relief of skin fissures as a disinfectant. While most tinctures are consumed orally as a drink, they can also be applied externally as well.

Cannabis tinctures have an established history in American, Australian, and British pharmaceutical culture within the last century. They’re sometimes referred to by their colloquial names, like “green dragon,” “golden dragon” and “dragon’s breath.”

Stronger High & Easier Dosage

Many new marijuana users and THC novices make the mistake of assuming that since marijuana drinks are so easy to ingest, their potency is somehow lessened. In fact, the opposite is true. Cannabis-infused drinks travels to the stomach and into the small intestine —the primary locations where nutrients are absorbed into the body. Once your beverage of choice makes it into the small intestine, your drink mixes with gastric juices and enzymes. After some processing, cannabis compounds and other nutrients are absorbed into the digestive tract. Once absorbed into the bloodstream, they make their way into the liver for processing, whereupon the euphoria and “high” begin to take place. According to a recent report by the marijuana website Herb, you can expect weed drinks and tinctures to kick in somewhere around the 30-minute mark. 

Unlike swallowing an edible, the use of marijuana drinks can be regulated by sipping, allowing users more control over how much THC they are consuming of a given period of time. 

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