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How to Choose a Great Vape Pen at Your Denver Dispensary

December 18, 2019

The world of smoking is changing. And these days, one in 20 adults uses vape pens or e-cigarettes instead of lighting up the old-school way. But did you know that the same technology is revolutionizing the way we use cannabis products? You’re no longer stuck lighting up a bong or a bowl. Instead, you can vape. But how do you choose the right vape pen when shopping at the best weed shops in Denver? Here are a few tips to help.

Know How You Want to Use the Device
Are you looking for something you can refill yourself and reuse time and time again? Do you want a vape pen that you can get rid of once it’s empty? Or do you want something in between? There are pros and cons to every type. 

Refillable vape pens need to be cleaned frequently to provide the best experience, but you’re able to use whatever cannabis concentrate you feel like. Disposable pens are easy, but you’re limited to whatever they’re filled with and can’t recycle the pen when you’re done. And cartridge-fill pens are incredibly discrete, but again you’re limited to the cartridges and concentrates that fit your specific pen.

Choose a vape that meets your needs and your personal smoking preference. 

Look for Adjustable Temperature Settings
Different strains do better at different temperatures. Some give you more flavor if things are super-hot. Others just get burned. Select a vape that offers an adjustable temperature setting. This way, you can customize your smoking experience and get the best out of every hit.

Keep in mind if you’re going for discrete and simple, your vape pen won’t offer an adjustable temperature setting. They’re designed to make using them easy which means no cleaning, no adjusting, and no fidgeting. This doesn’t make them a bad product—it just won’t give you complete control. 

It’s Okay to Have More Than One
Sometimes, you want the complete control a refillable vape will give you. Others, you want the convenience of a discrete cartridge that you can change out whenever you feel like having something different. It’s okay to invest in more than one vape pen. 

If you choose to buy a cartridge-fill pen, look for one with 5/10 thread. This is the size of almost all cannabis cartridges on the market. If you choose a pen with this size thread, you’ll be able to pick and choose your cartridge refills. That’s right—no getting stuck with a subpar proprietary concentrate! Just remember, you get what you pay for with vape pens. The higher quality products will cost more, but they’ll last longer and cause you fewer issues down the line.

Thinking of Making the Switch to Vape?
Transitioning from smoking to vaping is simple—you still get the same quality high and don’t have to change up your smoking habits. Just remember to choose a pen that works with your preferences. Not sure which one to buy? Stop by Altitude and talk it over with our budtenders.