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Using CBD Topicals from Weed Shops in Denver: What You Need to Know for Muscle Recovery

December 26, 2019

As an athlete, you know that the sooner you can recover from your workout, the better. Nothing is worse than facing muscle strain and injuries and prevention is truly the best medicine. While stretching is a great way to stay loose both before and after workouts, it’s not always enough. Sometimes, you just need a little more help and CBD topicals from Denver dispensaries may be the best option. Here’s what you need to know before you start rubbing those salves, lotions, and oils in.  

Pick the Right Products
Hemp-based CBD products are available almost anywhere. You find them in grocery stores, pharmacies, and even big-box retailers. But that doesn’t mean they’re high-quality. Instead of picking up the first CBD product you find, head to your local dispensary. The CBD products available at dispensaries can be either hemp-derived or cannabis-derived. And if they’re from cannabis, they’re full spectrum and will likely give you a better result every time. 

Apply Directly to the Muscles
You don’t need to dilute your CBD topicals. In fact, doing so can lessen their impact. Instead, apply the topicals directly to your muscles. Just make sure you rub it in thoroughly. Use it as a chance to massage those muscles and improve the blood flow to the parts of your body that you worked out the hardest. Start with gentle pressure and use circular motions to work the topicals into your skin. Then, let it soak in and dry. You can always reapply as needed. 

They Won’t Get You High
CBD topicals and lotions, even many of those purchased at a dispensary, won’t get you high. Just make sure you choose a product that doesn’t contain THC. This means you’re free to use the topicals before work, school, or social engagements without worrying about them altering your mental state. And since you can’t get high, you’re free to use as much of the topical as you see fit. 

Don’t Overdo It
Yes, you can use as much as you feel appropriate. But more isn’t always better. Instead, use the smallest amount of topical necessary to cover your skin. If you still don’t feel a difference, you can always apply more. But you don’t want to waste your lotion, oils, or salves. If you do, you’ll just have to buy replacements more often. Remember, using more doesn’t mean you’ll get more of an effect. It just means you’re using more product at any given time. 

Final Thoughts
CBD topicals are a great way to help you speed up your post-workout recovery and reduce soreness in your muscles. But you still need to purchase quality CBD products to see any improvement. The products sold at local dispensaries are held to Colorado cannabis standards. This means they’re produced in a clean and controlled environment and dosages will be consistent from batch to batch. Stop by Altitude today and pick up a new lotion or salve to try for yourself. And if you’re not sure what to choose, we’ll help you find the right product.