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Why You Should Forget About Blunts According to the Pros at Weed Shops in Denver

February 19, 2020

When you think about rolling a bit fat blunt, it’s normal to get excited. But did you know that blunts aren’t the best choice if you’re looking to get the best smoking experience? Sure, they look cool and are a neat alternative to traditional joints, but do you really get to enjoy the weed you buy from Denver dispensaries when you roll a fatty? Not as much as you might think. Here’s why you need to forget about smoking blunts and switch to a bong, pipe, or joint instead.

It’s Wasteful
Blunts are so popular because they’re so big. This is what makes them look cool, but anytime you light it up, you’re burning more weed than you’re able to smoke. That means TONS of your precious bud is getting wasted between puffs. You’ll end up blowing through your stash more quickly and won’t get to enjoy your bud as thoroughly as you would with other methods. Remember, you’re inhaling the same amount of cannabis whether you’re smoking out of a bong or lighting up a blunt. Save yourself the frustration of having to replenish your stash frequently and make the switch to another smoking method.

The Tobacco Masks the Weed
If you don’t like weed but you do like smoking tobacco, blunts are your best friend. After all, you’re using tobacco wraps instead of standard rolling papers meaning you’re still getting a bit of a tobacco hit with every puff. This gives every hit a distinct tobacco-heavy flavor. If you like the taste of weed and want to be able to taste the subtle differences in each strain, those tobacco wraps won’t do you any flavors. Ditching blunts in favor of clean-burning rolling papers or switching to a bong or pipe will let you taste every nuance in every hit you take. 

It’s Expensive
Unfortunately, blunts are one of the most expensive ways to consume pot. You’re using more weed every time and will have to replace your stash more often. But that’s not the only way they’re more expensive. The wraps you buy simply cost more over time. And if you’re trying to conserve cannabis and are rolling smaller blunts, you’ll go through the wraps more quickly. There’s just no way to save money with blunts. When you switch to rolling papers, the upfront cost will be far less every time you roll one up. If you switch to a pipe or bong, all you have to do is pay for the equipment once. You can reuse it indefinitely and won’t have to do anything other than buy new weed for your stash. 

No Matter What, We’ve Got You Covered
At Altitude, we want you to be able to enjoy your weed whether you’re transitioning from blunts or lighting up for the first time. Stop by one of our three convenient locations and let our budtenders help you find the perfect strain and smoking gear for your needs. And be sure to check out our loyalty rewards program for the best deals on new bud.