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Denver Dispensary Explains How to Tell If Your CBD Products Are Legit

March 11, 2020

CBD is one of the most popular supplements on the market. It comes in many different forms and can be purchased legally in almost every state. This is great news for people looking to spread the health benefits that hemp and cannabis have to offer. But it’s problematic for the industry as a whole. That popularity has spurred people to get in on the action without making sure the products they’re selling have actual CBD in them. So, how can you tell if the products you have are the real deal? Your favorite weed shops in Denver want to help. Here’s what you need to look for.

It’s Made by a Reputable Company
No matter where you buy your CBD, you should always do a little research into the manufacturer. Search the internet for information on the brand. Check out their website and social media profiles. If they have them, chances are the product (and the brand) is legit. If they don’t or you can’t find information on the company, you may be better off trying something else. 

It’s Made in the USA
The highest quality CBD products are made right here in the United States with hemp grown in the US. This means their products are subject to United States’ regulations and are produced to the highest quality standards possible with no contaminants. When you buy knock-off products, you risk experiencing the snake oil effect. This means there’s no appreciable amount of CBD in the product and you have no way to verify what’s actually inside the bottle. US-produced CBD products are verified by a third-party testing service. This helps ensure accuracy in dosage and concentration. 

It Came from Your Favorite Dispensary
CBD is sold everywhere these days. You can find it in gas stations, grocery stores, and even at farmers markets. But that doesn’t mean you’re getting the quality you think you are. Buying CBD from your favorite dispensary is the best way to guarantee that you’re getting what you’re paying for. Dispensaries research the products they carry and make sure they’re as high-quality as possible. 

You See Results
If you’re getting an inferior product or one without CBD in it at all, you won’t see the benefits you expect. In fact, you could end up feeling sick. The best way to tell if the CBD you bought is real is to track how you feel after using the products. If you notice improvements and can tell a difference when you use it regularly vs. when you don’t, the CBD is real.

At Altitude, we’re proud to offer only high-quality CBD  products and CBD-dominant cannabis. We take the time to verify the products’ quality and will make sure you only get the best. Whether you’re looking for tinctures, edibles, topicals, or concentrates, we’ve got something to suit your needs. Stop by one of our three convenient locations and let our budtenders help you find a product you’ll love. And make sure to sign up for our loyalty rewards program for added savings.