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What Your Denver Dispensaries Want You to Know About Cannabis Cocktails

May 14, 2020

Summer is here and that means it’s only a matter of time until you find yourself reaching for a cold beverage to cool down on those warm afternoons. While there’s nothing wrong with lemonade and you should definitely make sure to drink plenty of water, it’s normal to want a little something stronger to help you unwind. Cannabis-infused cocktails can do the trick perfectly, but there are a few things that weed shops in Denver want you to know before you start whipping them up. 

Choose a Strain You Enjoy
Though alcohol and mixers can mask the taste of many things, they’re not ideal for masking the taste of cannabis. That’s why it’s best to choose a strain or a tincture that you like the taste of. When you already like it, you’ll find that it enhances the flavors of the cocktail rather than detracting from them. Even better, you’ll have something you’ll want to use up between cocktail mixing sessions.

Make Sure You Know Your Limit
When you combine cannabis and alcohol, you’ll feel things a bit differently. Alcohol buzzes will be more intense and your high will feel more extreme unless you’re careful about how much you’re consuming. Make sure you know how much of both substances you can enjoy at any given time and dial both back when you combine them. For example, add less cannabis to a stronger cocktail so you don’t overdo it. This way, you’ll eb able to relax and enjoy your beverage without feeling woozy.

Keep Things Labeled
There will be days when you just want to enjoy a cocktail without the cannabis or maybe you want to sip on something fruity and light a bowl. Whatever the reason, the last thing you want to do is confuse your infused mixers with regular mixers. Keep things labeled and make sure you won’t confuse them when you reach into the cabinet. You could even start pouring infused mixers into a different shaped container or store them in a separate location entirely. 

Enjoy at Home
It’s still not legal to enjoy cannabis products in public spaces, though that could change eventually. Keep this in mind when you’re sipping on an infused beverage, even if it’s a non-alcoholic mocktail. Be responsible and only drink your cannabis cocktails at home. If you need to leave the house for any reason, call a friend or use a rideshare app to call a car. Driving under the influence can still get you in trouble, even if you’re slightly buzzed or high. 

Sip the Summer Away
If you’re thinking of making some delicious cannabis-infused beverages, adult or otherwise, you’re going to want to stock up on some high-quality weed from your Denver weed shops. Stop by your nearest location and let our budtenders help you find the right strain or tincture for your cocktail concoctions. And make sure to sign up for our loyalty program to get access to great specials and discounts before you make the drive to Altitude the Dispensary.