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Denver Weed Shop Talks About Keeping Your Cannabis Fresh

October 2, 2020

When it comes to storing your cannabis, there are many factors that come into play. These include light, heat, air, and humidity. With weed shops in Denver like Altitude the Dispensary, there are certain types of pot that are more popular than others. Often, people will buy more than they are likely to use in a short amount of time, so they need to store it. It’s best to store it properly so it stays fresh and potent for maximum enjoyment. It’s also worth noting that you should store different strains of weed in different containers—never together.

Here are some suggestions for long-term storage of weed.

Glass Jars With a Lid

A glass jar with a lid is an inexpensive way to store weed. It creates an air-locked environment that prevents microbial growth because there is no air coming in—or going out. If possible, use a glass jar with a rubber seal as these close tightly.

An Old Medicine Bottle

Be sure to properly sanitize the bottle before using it to store your weed. Keep in mind that if you are trying to control the odor of your weed, these bottles do not do a very good job. 

Vacuum Sealing

Many cannabis users believe firmly in storing their weed in bisphenol-free, plastic containers they can vacuum seal. Indeed, vacuum sealing does minimize the chance of airborne contaminants reaching the marijuana. 

Skip the Freezer

Some people believe that putting their weed in the freezer is a good way to help keep it fresh longer. But this is not the case—and in fact, putting it in the freezer could actually cause it to spoil faster. The main reason for this because we tend to open and close the door to the freezer several times a day. This increases the risk of contamination. But others disagree, citing even the smallest chance of exposure to the polymers in plastic as not being worth it.

Keep It in the Dark

If you have a dark, tinted container, the is preferable over a see-through one. The more your bud is exposed to light, the less chance it has of staying fresh. Marijuana is, after all, an organic substance that is vulnerable to the environment. If it is exposed to light, it can dry out and lose its sweet aroma. When this happens, it loses a lot of its potency.

Store It Alone

Your Denver weed shop recommends that you not store your cannabis with anything else, especially not with anything else that is organic. Some might suggest storing it with fruit to keep it moist, but this can create a breeding ground for the formation of bacteria.

Keep It Cool 

Experts recommend storing your weed at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, avoiding any extremes of heat or cold.

Use Titanium Containers

When storing weed, the primary goal is to minimize its exposure to oxygen, and titanium containers are ideal. It keeps just the right amount of air inside and reduces the chance of undesirable outside elements reaching the buds.

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