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Denver Weed Shop Offers Tips for Avoiding the Post-Cannabis Munchies

November 5, 2020

Cannabis lovers enjoy the relaxation smoking provides. But one of the side effects of indulging in this activity is something most smokers do not: getting the munchies. So what can be done about this unfortunate side effect? Here are some suggestions from a Denver weed shop.

Why Marijuana Makes You Feel Hungry

Scientists have conducted experiments to help solve this mystery. One study found that in mice, TCH—the main psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces the sensation of being high—increased their ability to smell food, which lead to them eating more of it. So this is one possibility to explain increased appetite. Other studies have shown that cannabis mixes up the signals in the brain, so your body might be telling your brain that it is hungry, even when it’s not.

Tips for Stopping the Munchies

These may take some planning ahead of time—so before you light up—but here are some ways you can avoid raiding the pantry every time you are high.
  1. Don’t skip meals prior to lighting up. If you don’t eat regularly scheduled meals, you’ll be more apt to satisfy your hunger with junk food. Being sated before you smoke can help you avoid mindless munchies.
  2. Do something productive. It’s easy to hang out and let your mind wander while you’re high, but that might get you started thinking about food. Stay busy—even if it’s just playing video games. (Be sure whatever activity you choose is safe to do while under the influence.) It can help keep you from obsessing about snacks.
  3. Keep temptations at a minimum. Whether this means deleting the pizza app on your phone or keeping your pantry clear of your favorite junk foods, just do what you need to do to keep yourself from regretting post-cannabis snacking.
  4. Exercise before you indulge. If snacking is inevitable after using marijuana, you can help with the extra calories by working out beforehand. An activity you enjoy can burn off some calories ahead of time so you don’t have to feel so guilty about it later.
  5. Brush your teeth with a minty toothpaste. Not only will this get the smoking taste out of your mouth, but you are far less likely to be tempted with snacks if your breath is minty fresh. 
  6. Try a different strain of weed. The next time you are at the dispensary, talk to the budtenders about which strains have more CBD and THCV. These are less likely to give you the munchies after you smoke. 
  7. Roll with it. If post-marijuana eating is bound to happen, plan for a healthy meal. Have all the ingredients on hand to whip up a healthy meal that you can enjoy without the guilt. 
When you’re looking for the latest in cannabis products or have questions about which strain might be best for you, stop by the Denver area Altitude the Dispensary location closest to you. Our budtenders can’t wait to help you pick out your favorite weed products or help you find something new. Plan to visit one of our three locations today!