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Wondering What to Buy With Your Holiday Cash? Your Denver Dispensary Offers Suggestions

December 21, 2020

If you’re like most people, you’ve gotten at least one or two holiday checks from relatives and loved ones that just weren’t sure what to buy you as a gift. They might feel like it’s a copout, but it’s great news for you! You get to choose your own gift and use the money however you see fit. What better way to treat yourself after a stressful holiday season than by stocking up on the best essentials for your smoking kit? Here are a few great gifts that the staff at the best weed shops in Denver use themselves!

A High-Quality Bong
Want to elevate your smoking game? Then ditch that old and battered bong that delivers uncomfortably hard hits. Switch it up with a high-quality gravity bong or water bong that’s easy to clean and a pleasure to use. If you’re not sure what type is best for you, discuss your options with your budtender. They can help you figure out the right options for your smoking style and budget. If you’re not a fan of glass—because, hey…things happen and bongs break—there are silicone models that work just as well. Just make sure you’re investing in a high-quality silicone model. Low grade options are cheap, but they can melt under high heat. That’s right—some of them are cut with plastic and that’s bad news for everyone!

An Inverted Lighter
Even the most experienced smokers burn themselves when lighting bowls on occasion. If you love using your pipe but hate scorching your thumb every time you light up, this inverted lighter is for you. It allows you to position your fingers away from the flame and angles the flame right toward your bowl. You can even use the lighter upside down. It works in any position you need to make your smoking session great. Even better, it’s refillable so you can use it for years without having to worry about replacing it. 

A Good Grinder
Every smoker, no matter how regular or casual, has found themselves in a situation where they had to break up bud by hand. While a knife or a pair of scissors will work, it doesn’t break the bud up enough to expose all the wonderful flavors you’re looking for. If you’re struggling with boring cannabis and want to take your smoking game to the next level, treat yourself to a high-quality grinder. Look for one with stainless steel components for best results. These are easy to clean, last for years, and require almost no maintenance. 

Upgrade Your Stash
After the holidays, you’ll need to replenish all that cannabis that you used to survive the stress. Head to your nearest dispensary location and stock up on some fresh bud, delicious edibles, and helpful tinctures with the money you have leftover. This will let you enjoy all those new gadgets you just acquired more fully.

Stop by Altitude
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