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Cannabis Pairings: Your Denver Marijuana Dispensary Recommends the Best Beverages to Drink When You Imbibe

January 6, 2021

Any cannabis user will tell you that having a beverage on hand when stoned is crucial. Not only do beverages help to alleviate the dry mouth that often accompanies marijuana use, but some beverages are extra tasty when you’re stoned. Some can even enhance your high! 

Here are some suggestions from Altitude, your Denver marijuana dispensary, on beverages you might wish to try.

Whether you’re a first-thing-in-the-morning smoker or if you like to enjoy an afternoon coffee and cannabis break, coffee and pot go well together. It won’t increase your high, but the pairing does create a unique and pleasantly different taste. Try it for yourself. You can even create your own recipe: 7 Ways to Make Cannabis Coffee at Home.

Fruit Smoothies
Who doesn’t love a fruit smoothie loaded with vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables—and maybe even some protein powder to contribute to muscle-building. Fruit smoothies can be a healthy beverage in general, and if you make them right, they can even boost your high. Many people report that the addition of mangos to your smoothie can cause a more intense euphoria. Medical patients, in particular, are thought to benefit from adding this tropical fruit to their smoothies. 

Bubble Tea
Not everyone has heard of this Taiwanese iced tea that includes tapioca balls at the bottom. These tapioca balls are as soft and chewy as a gummy worm—and are what makes this drink so much fun. These tapioca balls are as large as marbles, so bubble tea comes with an extra-large straw. From your very first sip when you feel the boba—tapioca balls—hit your tongue then as you pop it open and chew, it’s a fun and delicious experience. Bubble tea shops let you customize the tea based on your choice of ingredients. This beverage is a must-try when you are stoned.

Wild Cherry Pepsi
Speaking of bubbles, another favorite beverage of stoners is wild cherry Pepsi. Although it may not be the healthiest choice as far as beverages, it does add an element of fun given the texture of the carbonation and the cherry flavor. 

Slushies picked up from the local corner gas station are a favorite among kids—and they are super fun when you are high. Create your masterpiece by choosing your favorite flavor. You can select fruity flavors or Cola—and just about everything in between. Your creation is only limited by your imagination. The amount of water in these icy drinks is an excellent way to combat cannabis cottonmouth.

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