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How to Make Edibles From Denver Weed Shops Kick in Faster

January 20, 2021

When it comes to choosing the best cannabis products, you have dozens of options, but most fall under three categories: smokables, topicals, and edibles. Though smoking is the most popular way to enjoy weed from your favorite dispensaries in Denver, edibles are quickly becoming a close second. However, if you’ve ever used an edible before, you know that it can take hours before you start to feel any kind of effects. This leaves many people wondering what they can do to speed things up. Here are a few tips to help.

Use Tinctures

Some edibles simply work faster than others and the fastest option is, hands down, tinctures. When you take a tincture, place the dropper full of liquid cannabis beneath your tongue. This will allow the cannabis to get absorbed by the soft tissues in your mouth in a matter of minutes. You’ll start to feel the effects faster than you would by placing the tincture on your tongue or swallowing it. When you do so, it has to pass through the intestinal tract which, depending on your metabolism, can take a few hours. 

Drink Some Caffeine

Since digesting cannabis and feeling that buzz you’re looking for depends on your metabolism, it stands to reason that boosting your metabolism will help you get high faster. The easiest way to do that quickly is to drink caffeine before you eat your edibles. This can be anything from green or black tea to coffee. Just make sure to avoid loading it up with sugar—if you’re eating edibles, chances are that they’re full of sugar and that sugar rush won’t actually help you boost your metabolism.

Get in Shape

Though caffeine will help you boost your metabolism in the short term, you can see long-term results and shorten your waiting period for that buzz from edibles by getting in better shape. When you’re working out regularly, your body’s metabolism speeds up. You don’t have to go crazy here—just start walking at a brisk pace around the block in the evenings or run in place during commercial breaks when you’re watching TV. As your fitness improves, you’ll likely start to feel high from edibles faster. 

Just Be Patient

Though these tips will help you shorten the time that it takes edibles to kick in, they’re not enough to make the experience similar to smoking. You’ll still need to wait for the cannabis to reach your receptors and leave you feeling great. Rather than trying to rush things actively, be patient. Let the cannabis soak in on its own and enjoy the high when it hits. When you’re not rushing it, you’ll be able to enjoy the nuances of the feelings those particular edibles evoke. 

Ready to Try Some New Edibles?

If you’re ready to try some new edibles so you can see if these tips really do help, stop by one of our three convenient Denver-area locations today. Our experienced budtenders will help you find the perfect products for your personal tastes.