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Denver Weed Shop Answers the Question—Can Marijuana Make Me a Better Long-Distance Runner

January 27, 2021

As marijuana for recreational use becomes legal in more locations, more and more athletes are opening up about their use of weed. In this article, your local Denver weed shop takes a look at how marijuana can actually help long-distance runners improve their performance.

Athletes and Marijuana

Athletes of all sports, including professional hockey players and elite distance runners, have been talking about the benefits of marijuana for a while. Many find that weed can alleviate pain and improve focus, giving them a competitive edge over other athletes. Although doctors are reluctant to suggest marijuana as a performance enhancement, athletes disagree—especially long-distance runners.

Runners and Marijuana

Steamboat Springs, Colorado, runner Avery Collins is perhaps one of the best-known ultra-runner who consider cannabis an essential part of his training. He believes cannabis is a safer alternative to hard drugs and alcohol, and it is an essential part of his 140-miles-per-week training regimen. (Find out more about how Collins incorporates weed into his training in this article from Sports in the Age of Cannabis: Cannabis If Fueling One of the Best Runners in America.)

Runners and other athletes are finding the marijuana helps for the following:

Pain relief. Cannabis has pain-relieving properties, which might contribute to athletes being able to train harder and longer. Its mind-altering effects can also help runners get past the mental strain of long runs.
Recovery. Cannabidiol, known commonly as CBD, has therapeutic qualities that can contribute to recovery. For runners, this usually means relieving post-workout inflammation, reducing muscle strain, and helping with dehydration after long runs. Some athletes prefer using CBD oil rather than over-the-counter drugs when it comes to relieving symptoms. 

Mental clarity and focus. Different strains of cannabis have different effects on the individual, but some strains have been shown to increase sensory awareness. This focus can help runners get through workouts with fewer distractions. Some runners recommend an edible in the middle of a long run to help find a good running rhythm.
Although there hasn’t been a lot of research on how marijuana might be able to improve athletic performance, and specifically running, plenty of people swear by it. Many find that energetic strains of cannabis provide a pre-run “pick-me-up.” Some prefer to use a vaporizer rather than smoking a joint, which can be harsh on the lungs. They claim a vaporizer offers a much smoother, more pleasant experience. 

If you are a runner and interested in trying marijuana to enhance your performance, it’s crucial to remember that THC-dominant strains are more likely to cause sleepiness and a foggy head. High CBD strains contain less TCH, so they provide a gentler high, which is better for having a clear head.

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