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Denver Dispensary Explains What You Need to Consider Before Growing Cannabis at Home

February 11, 2021

Colorado is truly one of the best places to call home. Marijuana has been legal for years now and, if you’re like most people, you still enjoy buying most of your cannabis products from your favorite weed shops in Denver. That doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t break out and try something new like growing your favorite strain at home. If you’re thinking of growing cannabis this year just to see what it’s like, there are a few things you need to consider before you start your grow op. 

Make Sure You Can Grow It

Though cannabis is legal and you’re allowed to grow up to six plants per resident over the age of 21, you may not be able to grow it in your home. If you rent an apartment or house from a landlord, your lease likely contains provisions against home grow ops. Read up on your lease agreement and see what it says. If you’re allowed to grow a set number of plants, you’re in good shape. But if the lease agreement bans growing cannabis or doesn’t include express permission in the lease agreement, it’s best to stick to buying weed from your favorite dispensary. The last thing you want to do is get evicted just because you wanted to try your hand at growing weed.

You’ll Need the Right Equipment

Growing cannabis isn’t like growing flowers in your window.  You need to have the right equipment on hand to make the plants happy and ensure that they produce the bud you want. This means you’ll need to invest in grow lights, starter kits, better thermostats to control the temperature in your growing spot, and a way to secure the plants to keep anyone under 21 from accessing them. If you don’t have tons of space or funds to invest into the project, you’ll likely find it cheaper and easier to continue buying cannabis from dispensaries.

You Can’t Sell It

If you’re thinking of growing cannabis as a way to make a little extra cash on the side, think again. It’s illegal to sell the cannabis you produce out of your home without a license. And securing that license takes time, money, and patience. Without the license, you risk getting charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony depending on the amount of cannabis you’re trying to sell. You’d be better off selling smoking accessories to boost your income. That said, you can give the cannabis you grow away to people over the age of 21 without issue. You just can’t accept anything in return for the cannabis.

Keep These Things in Mind

If you’re thinking of growing cannabis at home, make sure to consider these key things before you start looking for starter plants. If at any point you think that growing cannabis might get you in trouble or could put too much strain on your budget, stop. You can always head to your local Altitude the Dispensary and pick up fresh, locally produced cannabis products without breaking the bank.