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Denver Weed Shop Offers Advice: Edibles Versus Smoking Impacts Your Marijuana Experience

February 25, 2021

Since recreational marijuana has become legal in Colorado, more and more people are trying it. Many people enjoy smoking weed; others like to try marijuana in edible format via candy, cookies, and brownies. The way you consume marijuana has a significant influence on your cannabis experience. 

Here’s how it works.


Smoking marijuana has been enjoyed for many years. It works like this: When you inhale pot smoke, the active compounds of marijuana are immediately absorbed into the bloodstream, headed toward the brain. Once the THC hits the brain, the euphoria associated with getting high is produced. The onset between smoking and feeling the high is almost instantaneous. But the high has a shorter duration than you will get with edibles. Usually, smoking weed will keep you high for an hour or two.

Because the high is almost instant from the time you smoke to the time you feel high, users can gauge their consumption and not overdo it.


You can get just as high—or get even more of a high—by ingesting edibles. When you eat an edible, it has to pass through the digestive tract before the stomach absorbs it. The liver metabolizes the active compounds, and the THC is converted into a more potent compound known as 11-hydroxy-THC. Because this process takes longer, getting high from an edible takes longer. But the high you get is stronger and longer-lasting. Your high can last from four to six hours—or even longer.

Because it takes longer to get high with edibles, many people run into trouble with overconsumption. When people ingest a gummy or pot brownie, it can take the body up to three hours to feel the effects of the THC. This often makes them think the pot isn’t working, so they have

another gummy or brownie. This will increase the intensity of their high, which isn’t always a good thing.
It’s a good idea to start slow with edibles and wait a full 24 hours so you can determine the edible’s effects. After that, you can try increasing the dose in tiny increments every 24 hours until you get the experience you were seeking. 

Choose the Consumption Method That Suits You Best

There’s no right or wrong approach to consuming cannabis; you should do what suits you best. But keep in mind that different consumption methods, whether smoking or eating an edible, will give you a different kind of experience. 

The best way to use pot depends on what you are looking for. It can also come down to a simple personal preference; some people, for example, don’t enjoy the smoking experience.

Visit Your Favorite Denver Weed Shop

If you aren’t sure which product or form of cannabis to try, ask a budtender at one of Altitude the Dispensary’s three locations. For more information on consuming edibles or smoking marijuana, just stop by, and our knowledgeable and friendly budtenders can help you find the product to suit your needs. We have all the smoking products you need and plenty of edibles for you to try. Contact Altitude Dispensary for more information today!