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Cannabis 101: Denver Weed Shop Tells Newbies What They Need to Know About Marijuana

April 9, 2021

Medical marijuana has been legal for a while, but recreational pot legality has been around for less time. Some people have hesitated to try legalized marijuana because they are unsure about what they might find at a marijuana dispensary. This article will shed light on what newbies need to know about trying legal marijuana for the first time.

Marijuana Terms You Should Know

People who are not familiar with cannabis have no reason to know the lingo, so we will define the most common terms here:
  • Cannabis. Merriam-Webster defines cannabis as “a tall Asian herb” from the Cannabis sativa family. It goes on to describe the plant as having tough fiber and growing low to the ground with dense branches. Merriam-Webster further describes cannabis as “the psychoactive dried flower buds, leaves, or preparations” that come from the cannabis plant.  
  • Marijuana. This word refers to the dried stems, seeds, leaves, and flowers that come from the plants known as Cannabis indica or Cannabis sativa. 
  • Cannabinoids. These are the naturally occurring compounds of the Cannabis sativa plant.
  • THC. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical responsible for creating the “high” the develops after using marijuana.
Why People Use Recreational Marijuana

Research has shown that moderate use of marijuana is safe for most people. One of the best things about recreational marijuana is that there are no known incidents of fatality from a marijuana overdose. In addition, there is no known connection between the use of marijuana and psychological disorders.

Although still considered a controlled substance, steps can be taken to avoid developing an addiction to weed. There are also things people can do to avoid lung and respiratory damage from smoking weed. A water pipe (also called a “bong”) can help, as can smoking weed that is high in THC or using marijuana edibles.

How Cannabis Is Consumed

Many people think about rolling a joint when it comes to consuming cannabis, but there numerous ways to imbibe.
  • Smoking. A joint is just one way to smoke marijuana. You can also use a water pipe (bong) or a blunt (a cigar that is hollowed out, replacing the tobacco with marijuana). Bongs are also crafted creatively from other items, such as soda bottles or cans or even pieces of fruit.
  • Vaping. This is a relatively new way of consuming marijuana. With a vaporizer, the marijuana is heated and smokers can inhale the resulting vapor, which is known to be less harmful than smoke.
  • Edibles. Eating marijuana has become more popular than ever, and marijuana is added to foods beyond the stereotypical pot brownie. Vendors are now selling edibles in the form of cookies, gummies, cereal, granola, and chewing gum. Marijuana oil can also be added to beverages, such as tea, soda, and beer.
Learn More From Your Friendly Denver Marijuana Dispensary

Do you still have questions? Come to the Altitude the Dispensary location closest to you. Our friendly and helpful budtenders can answer your questions and provide guidance in trying different cannabis products. Come and visit us today!